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  1. I heard the term ‘quarantine’, questioning the use for locking-down the entire global economy.
    I realized it was mis-applied.
    Accordingly, I switched to the phrase ‘economic lock-down’.

    I used the terms ‘hoax’ and ‘scamdemic’ from the get-go.
    With nearly seven decades under the sun, I wait for proof before accepting any second-hand information.
    But if the second-hand information is from the government agents or TheMainStreamMedia, I use the advice of George Carlin:.
    I don’t trust anything in the news or from the government. Nada. Zip.

  2. I am not a “keeper” of poetry for the most part. I have only two saved to my documents. First is Flanders Field, second is this one. Both meaningful when they were written and still are today.

  3. Excellent quote of the day.

    Rudyard Kipling had some great poems, “If,”, and “The Power of the Dog,” and I’m pretty sure half the reason my kids loved camping so much when they were growing up was so they could hear me recite Gunga Din around the campfire at night. 🙂

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