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  1. http://www.aiobjectives.com/2019/12/03/world-of-post-humanism-and-artificial-intelligence/

    Posthumanism is a philosophical perspective of how change is enacted in the world.
    As a conceptualization and historicization of both agency and the “human,”
    it is different from those conceived through humanism.
    and what is the future of research in humanism, and we explain different tools and
    applications, and we are comparison of different applications,

    1. You have that right, Culian. The rates of death for men from prostate cancer is nearly equal to that of women from breast cancer. Let us take a cue from our womenfolk and encourage each other to get checked. I was, just yesterday, looking at some old photos of a friend who took me in when I was nearly homeless. He died of prostate cancer in 2004. May he rest in peace.

      Carry on

    2. There are some contrarian views on that. Look into the writings of Dr. Marc Micozzi, who says urologists (along with cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons) are the most dangerous medical specialists. Also look up Howard Frank Mosher, a writer who was treated with radiation for prostate cancer, but the radiation caused untreatable cancer which killed him 9 years later.

  2. Great article and thanks for taking the time to share. There is a green-eyed monster that sits in the waiting called,” Loneliness” it can be in the shadows waiting for a very long time to appear. It has cousins that are eagerly awaiting to join in to the conversation call, “fear and sadness.” I encourage others to develop relationships and you will kiss a lot of frogs, but those that you do make, try and hold on to them. Friendships are often neglected and kicked to the curb. Finding those friendships that you can neglect from distance or time and rekindle are priceless. The best thing to do is keep you attitude positive and keep looking for those that do the same thing. Surround yourself with those kind of kindred spirits. Happy Trials, Gaddy Girl

    1. Gaddy Girl, your last words “Happy Trials” were so appropriate for our friend from Maui. He chose those trials and expanded his comfort zone.

      I offer you my admiration, Maui Dan.

      Carry on

  3. I like the idea of a hollow walking stick to store items. I’m going to look into that. As for the visitor to your camp, they were up to no good for sure. You ALWAYS call out to a stranger’s camp from a distance, and ask to approach. You might want to check out a YouTube channel by the name of “Coyote Works.” He does lots of videos about starting campfires in the desert. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Life is about learning. I have spend thirty winters in Arizona and find the biggest pest is the two legged, upright variety. One trip I had footsteps (and footprints) outside of my tent in a remote area. Years later two men “visited” my camp three times for 1-water; 2-food; 3-firewood. Their fourth trip found me moved out. (My .357 was not enough comfort for a whole night in a sleeping bag alone and outnumbered).

    Camping in Alaska always seemed much safer than Arizona!

    Your other experiences and remedies fall under “standard operating procedures” and novices can learn from your writings.


  5. Excellent article, honest and realistic
    The PSA check saved my life 3 years ago, men take heed
    I can’t count the number of times my peak 1 dual fuel stove and 70’s era army poncho saved me in cold, freezing downpours and snowstorms while hiking and hunting
    Thanks Dan for sharing the experience of walking with His Life.

  6. Suggest adding “O’Keeffe’s Working Hands” hand cream. Best product ever for cracked skin…and a must for survival/preparedness. No substitutes, IMHO.

    Good article!

  7. A thought experiment… Imagine now this scenario without the relief (and potential rescues) that came with the back-up options and fail safes. …and then advance your preps with the results in mind! It’s tough enough when there are good alternatives and options. Without these (or with far fewer of them), life becomes much more difficult.

    Congratulations also on the career opportunity in Maui! It would be interesting to hear more about prepared living from the standpoint of an island home.

  8. if possible, a small dog would be an excellent night intruder alarm as well as a companion for staving off loneliness, and they make good eating.

  9. Unless someone has experienced how the lack of food changes how you think, how your brain is working, may be in for a big surprise. I lost my teeth so I had to eat what I could for months during the healing and even became bored with what I could eat, so I didn’t. The brain changes and thinking becomes strained and confused, mistakes are made.
    Darn good article. Thank you for some great insights.

  10. Maui Dan,

    I think you have at least one other survival skill set not directly mentioned in the article but that did come to light.

    You seem to have a pretty “portable” occupation. It would appear you can pick up and move to a lot of different places and find good employment with it.

    I bring this up perhaps for younger people looking to a career or maybe someone contemplating a new career. Some jobs are more portable and allow you to live almost anywhere than others.

    I personally think this is valuable. My skill set is a little specialized and places some limitations on where I can live particularly if I want to maximize my earnings. I am approaching retirement (or maybe a third career) in the not to distant future so while I won’t change it now I may in a few years.

  11. Dan, lots of good insights in this article. I like the hollow walking stick idea. Don’t stay too long in Hawaii and eat a plate lunch for me. 🙂

    I was in Hawaii when the movie The Perfect Storm came out. I was pretty shocked when the audience went completely nuts in that scene where the big wave knocks half the containers off that container ship. Then it hit me: their whole lives depend on container ships. Nobody back on the mainland blinked an eye during that scene. I can’t even imagine what TEOTWAWKI would be like on Oahu with a million people crammed into 600 square miles? (Only 144K on Maui.)

    1. St. Funogas… You make an excellent point about sensitivity to areas of vulnerability — islanders sensitive to the loss of shipping containers since they rely on these so completely. An extension of this is that we should all expand our awareness horizons — and look areas that are sensitive in addition to those about which we might not have the same level of awareness. Islanders know they depend on shipping containers. The rest of us do to (at least to an extent) even though we may not realize how much.

  12. Good reading and Arizona is (thankfully) my old stomping grounds. Prescott, Payson, and wickenberg visited many times.
    As for not eating and the mental effect, just look at the homeless population and you get an idea of some of the results. Coupled with the lack of sleep and it quickly turns grim.
    At least a rattle snake will generally warn you, a scorpion just stings you and it can be fatal and at a minimum very painful.

  13. I read your entire article and pondered before replying. One item stood head and shoulders above everything else. “Cholesterol / Statins”…. After being on them for 10 years, after open heart surgery…. I went cold turkey. That was 90 days ago. Today is the best I have felt in 10 years. A person can be the most well prepared Survivalist in the entire world, but the statins will do them in before the bad guys get there. A few things statins damage: Liver, heart, brain, muscles, hearing, eye sight, memory. I used to be one of those guys who said “I’m doing OK on Lipitor / Crestor”… But I was not and did not know it until I quit.

    Divorce and starting over will not kill you… It’s the Prescription meds you have to watch.


    1. Yes, I quit the meds too. Decades ago. $400 month in prescription drugs that did not prevent the next heart attack. I had perfect numbers, and was fit. There is far more to what causes heart disease than what the current medicine understands. They continue to attempt to lower cholesterol numbers and up the statin drugs dosages, with little or no improvement in results. I give them a ‘A’ for effort, yet we must use common sense as well. As time progress, the average life span of Americans is becoming lower. Modern medicine can work wonders at saving lives in emergencies, yet it is also proving not to extend our natural lives. We should ask why.

  14. Nice article, it has definitely answered some questions as to what happened to you , maybe next time try other parts of Az good luck and enjoy your stay in Maui

  15. Thanks for bringing to light about the DIVORCE factor. Though men are usually prepares and statistics show that women divorce men FOR GAIN, divorce today is akin to the SWAT team entering your home confiscating your guns/ammo and preps. A divorce will have you sell everything, to appease your EX “what ever you call her” attorney in cold cash to her cold hearted hands.

    I’ve written on this site before, but thanks JWR for allow men to share their destruction in their life long prepping, even through DIVORCE. Remember men, that men design everything (91% of patents go to men), building everything (not a single building or home has been build by a team of women), and fight all our wars (90% of the military is men and women are not allowed in [ground] combat)…. Women need to understand that God has ordained men as the “spirtual head of the family” and anything with two heads is a freak of nature.

    To secure your assets men, as I’m a CPA, place all your preps, property, 401Ks, and family heirlooms into a non revocable trust…. NEVER HAVE YOUR WIFE’s NAME on that trust. That will protect you from lawsuits and also divorce.

    In addition, I married a Chinese bride and imported her into this country as being fed up with American women [in courting]. Choose a bride from a foreign country where there are no women’s rights. You’ll be much happier men and secure in your preps.

    God bless!

  16. Dan, I commend you for your self-restraint.

    “I inhaled a long deep breath. Best shot I never had to take.”

    Law enforcement officers, according to one student of mine who is a deputy sheriff, now routinely practice tactical breathing every time they have an encounter with someone who is unknown to them. I wonder how many LEOs would also say, “I inhaled a long deep breath. Best shot I never had to take”.

    Carry on

  17. Very enjoyable and informative read.

    You know…I look at FAK’s all the time, and I get annoyed when I see them stuffed with bandaids and alcohol wipes, figuring they’re just putting in all the cheap crap to make money.

    I still kind of feel that way, but your blog gives me pause to think about it.

    As for the intruder, I wonder if that situation changed anything regarding your BOB? Did you incorporate some kind of alarm system?

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