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  1. What an abundance of fabulous information. I am happily amazed to learn:

    “The live antibodies in breastmilk are a source of medicine, for the baby and for others. According to Dr Sears (revered infant pediatrician, author of numerous evidence based books) “One drop of breast milk contains one million white blood cells whose main job is to fight germs”. When expressed, breastmilk can be used as a topical medication. It’s antibacterial properties aid in healing cuts, scrapes, insect bites, sunburns, ear infections, eye infections, skin rashes and other skin irritations. Since breast milk contains undifferentiated stem cells, a child consuming it is being internally repaired. If there is an issue, the undifferentiated stem cells go where they are needed and work on repairing whatever issue the child may be having.”

    I was blessed to breastfeed all four of my babies, who were very healthy. Could be just a correlation, but I want to mention it was easy and time saving. In addition, for me, there were many times when it was one of those, “Heaven on earth,” moments. It is hard to explain because the bonding, eye to eye connection, and ethereal beauty of those moments are all wrapped up into one. Trying to explain it, is like trying to put words to your most beautiful lovemaking experience. Words just don’t do it justice… Thank you for sharing your expertise.

  2. O.R. Thank you for writing so clearly about a topic that is so very important because as you mentioned, we in the preparedness community, rarely address caring for infants. I am an old man with no children or grand children. Sadly just didn’t work for my wife and me.
    You are right that our babies are the foundation of our survival. Without them our time is very limited. And they are so very precious.

    Thank you and continue your good and valuable work.

  3. Of course breast feeding is a good thing. But you seem to imply that without breastfeeding a child will be unhealthy. I don’t believe that is true. I also believe that store bought formula and other alternatives are not unhealthy.

  4. This is seldom discussed, and valuable information. Any of the lost knowledge, and skills of a midwife, will also be in great demand. Odd that the older I get, the more I adore babies. Perhaps I am beginning to regress, and can better relate? Babies will be more precious than ever in the future.

  5. I am convinced that my mother breastfeeding me for a year after my six weeks in an incubator (I was really premature) amply prepared me for difficult challenges as an adult. For that I am forever grateful.

    Carry on

  6. Great article and very applicable to the prepping community. I was involved in Baby Friendly programs and emergency management and one of the cases we came across in our region was a situation where a large number of travellers in passenger vehicles became stranded for nearly 14 hours on a mountainous highway during a severe and unexpected winter storm. Supplies could not be even brought to them by snowmobile and travellers were limited to what ever they had in their cars (not to mention what amount of gas they had to keep their engines running for warmth).

    One vehicle had a family with new baby and luckily the mother was able to keep her baby breastfed during this long isolation and continued on their travels after the ordeal with no ill affect. This would have been a much more complex situation had the baby been formula fed.

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