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  1. You hit the nail on the head with the BLM land purchase, exactly they don’t need any more land. The ironic thing about much of the redoubt is that while we have relatively low population density and large states, the per acre cost in much of the area is high compared to many other parts of the U.S. This is largely due to the federal and state governments and large companies owning so much of the land already. And of course a very unfortunate side effect is that it makes a difficult start for many young, patriotic, God fearing men and women. I live in Flathead county and I am luck to have inherited land a long time ago. I see why many of our best leave here to get a start somewhere else. This really becomes an issue when a family grows generationally and the children have nowhere they can afford their own plot and they leave their parents/grandparents, breaking up the strength of the family unit. One can go down to the county land office and see that while this county is about as large as the state of Rhode Island, with 1/5th of the population, most of the land is not available for private sale. Contrast that to many places in the south and midwest where one can buy decent land for as little as $1000-$2000/acre. Maybe when the redoubt suceeds we can fix that!

  2. My X is a librarian and every word you said is true. I was also the treasurer for the Friends of the Library and saw every week what was sorted for the yearly sale. Books the sorters deemed unsalable for there own reasons were tossed. I had to order your book thru Interlibrary Loan. It came from a library in Kansas.

    1. I am the director of a small town library, and I can tell you that we have hundreds of conservative non-fiction and fiction books in our collection. My book weeding is not based on content, it is based on usage. To be quite honest, the books that are put in our annual sale are on a variety of topics, and the political non-fiction is on both sides of the spectrum.
      The only reason I would not fulfill a request would be if the book was out of print and unavailable. When ordering new books, I research circulation records to see what types of fiction and non-fiction our patrons have been reading. I also ask them what books they would like to see in the library. Many of them are quite conservative, so I make certain there is always a good selection for them to read. I do the same for my more liberal readers. I would never attempt to dictate, by word or by deed, what someone can read.
      Please do not paint all libraries and and librarians with such a broad brush.

      1. I did not “paint all libraries and and librarians with such a broad brush” in my statement. Only commenting on one library. Five older volunteers chose what was going to be sold in the yearly sale. They were told to toss moldy, stinky, falling apart, manuals, encyclopedias. I would take the discards to the dumpster. Asked what was wrong with some of the books they tossed. Reply was “It stinks”. Stinks by being politically incorrect.

        Requested books be bought for library. Some were purchased some not. None of JWR’s books were purchased.

      2. I need to clarify that we take donations year round and average 8,000 donated books per year. So it is not just library books being taken out of circulation. The last year I was on the board we had over 150 donations of a single book called “50 Shades of Gray”

        1. I apologize if I misunderstood your comment, but when you made the statement ‘My X is a librarian, and every single word you said is true’ it came off, at least to me, that you believed all librarians are guilty of bias against conservative readers. Perhaps I am a bit too sensitive on the subject, as I have been accused, by more than one individual, of being precisely that simply because I work in a library. It is abhorrent to me that staff of any library remove books or materials, or refuse to order books, based on political ideology. We also take in many donations, and those selected to be added to our collection cover a large spectrum of fiction and non-fiction. My only criteria is they not be moldy, smelly, pages missing, water damaged, etc.
          I appreciate the opportunity to have this debate with you. Again, please accept my apologies if I misunderstood your post.

      3. I worked as a librarian in a small, suburban library in the Midwest, and most of the staff were left-leaning, and the youth librarian actively and openly undermined anything conservative and very much promoted all manner of books with immoral and really disturbing content. The librarian who purchased the books was a former first grade teacher and made all her decisions based on the recommendations from Publisher’s Weekly (not exactly a bastion of conservatism). In my hometown in central Iowa, my father went to find a book — any book — authored by Donald Trump after his election, and they had zero, despite Trump’s having authored many best-sellers during his years in business, and the reasonable expectation that patrons might want to read about his viewpoints while he was president. The librarian there, whom I have known for decades, is a hardcore leftwinger and although she had a “patrons bill of rights” prominently displayed, I know she barely tolerates the conservatives who make up the majority of the town’s citizens. I’ve also donated several books to our local library that I knew would not be obvious to purchase, and suggested several to add to the collection, but mostly I just see the staff — young and non-decision-makers — just look through them and put them in the fundraising box; they don’t go on the shelves. (Quick add: I have an English degree, as well as library experience, and 50+ years as a regular library patron, so I had a pretty good idea if the books I suggested would have an appropriate place there.) Anyway, I’m sure there are many wonderful librarians out there, including “anonymous” here, but I agree with JWR that the librarians who used to be actual liberals have abandoned any sense of “equality” they may have had and succombed to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  3. Ref:Casper Wyoming Civil Lawsuit.
    This is strange. Not a single comment from our cop hating friends. It must be to early in the morning.
    The family says they are not interested in monetary gain. LOL. I wonder why they can’t find a lawyer to fill the case?

    1. The family is a part of the sovereign citizen movement and the brother was a sheriff here at the time of the shooting. The city will settle for a large undisclosed sum of money and it will get swept under the rug

  4. In regards to libraries…as a professional librarian for a long time I know how libraries buy books. How this works is most libraries have collection development policies which are quite specific about what they can and can’t buy. They buy from book vendors based on an approval plan of what they want. If a book doesn’t fall in the category of what is bought it won’t be sent.
    As to weeding…librarians look at usage. Unused books will get weeded. They also look at who else has the book. If fifty other libraries have a book it won’t get bought usually.
    So my advice is — if you want particular books — check them out to keep them on the shelves, ask about the collection development policy, get on your local library board and question the biases you see. Library budgets are tight so anything seen as “optional” – especially in relationship to the public library mission of job creation, employment, education — often aren’t bought.
    As to bias — yes, yes yes — Librarians are some of the most liberal people in America. When Obama got elected no work got done in my library for an entire week due to celebrations and parties. As a conservative librarian I’ve learned if I want a job to keep my mouth shut. Librarians have fully “drank the kool-aid” of diversity, support for gay rights, gun control. We conservatives are here and doing what we can, but, please, understand we are operating behind the lines in fully occupied territory. This is why this is posted as ‘anonymous’. If there’s a need for a longer piece on libraries please put a comment and perhaps I can send something from one of my one time email addresses.

      1. Echo “Once a Marine”
        Thanks for the info and carry on! Especially don’t underestimate the opportunity to point out the treasonous disgrace of policies that are socialism and libtard-ism to the young people using your library. A kind and informed word can change their life – some have never heard the voice of reason or true intellect from anyone…. You may plant that seed.

        1. Sorry Big T, but I need to comment. You mention using “kind and informed words” to change lives. And you mention “the voice of reason or true intellect”. Yet you yourself preface this with words such as “libtard-ism”…hardly an informed or intellectual phrase . Please….

  5. Y’know, a precedent is being set right now in Virginia, and I hope to God it spreads across the country. If a sheriff can deputize any person that passes the sniff test, then that ought to fairly nullify enforcement of any illegitimate gun control or liberty restricting laws. Is someone gonna be fool enough to propose banning guns from LEOs? That hasn’t worked anywhere, ever.

  6. re: Washington state initiative 1-1094 ,

    If you live in Washington State please sign I-1094 to help in the effort to repeal the terriblle I-1639 regarding gun laws . The map on the above link shows where you can sign petitions. Sign the petitions and support the county sheriffs that refuse to enforce I-1639.

  7. You say, “One of my novels that was a New York Times Top 20 bestseller was rarely seen on library shelves.”

    I am curious how many of your readers have requested your books, James. I know in my community, a fairly liberal one to be sure, I have checked out three of your books from the library. And, I will be happy to recommend your latest book for purchase.

    As I read SB, I am enjoying listening to Adeste Fidelis and other lovely Christmas music online.

    Carry on

  8. Well, I just went into the library system here, Made a request and this popped up: The library already owns these titles:

    Title: Land of Promise

    By: Rawles, James Wesley

    Format: Book

    We have a friend in this particular library system.

    Carry on

  9. Anything “Friends of” is a direct organization from the Leftists on their way to Hell.

    During the Revolution they were “friends of the government”. That is the British government.

    Funny how Benjamin Franklin founded the first public library and with his own books and the leftist never celebrates that.

    I constantly, at my public library, turn over my signs or remove plaques resounding Gay Month. Women’s Internatioal Liberation from her Husband day, Black History Month, Indigenous Peopels day on Columbuss birthday, and Earth Day and IBOd international bestiality orgy day, you get the picture. Et al.

    That $200 fine for not shoveling sidewalks was like my grandmothers home. She couldn’t get out of bed due to a fall then the fines pulled up with the snow and a lien on her home. Almost lost grammas home if it wasn’t for a quick move by an attorney.


    Write an article for SB regarding the ins and outs of public libraries. We need ammunition and pun intended to fight with.

  10. Matt in Oklahoma,,,,,good to see your name ,,,this is a good site ,,,,,was told about what happened ,,,,,your not. Alone in that ,,,the Ohio prepper has contact info over at. ‘ the survive blog’ hope to see more of you here ,
    MERRY CHRISTMAS ,,,,,,, can I say that ????
    Tea and chocolate

  11. To Annon the librarian……

    What happens if an individual wants to donate a book to the library? Will it have to be reviewed before being placed on a shelf? Would it even be accepted?

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