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  1. Thanks for the review! Springfield Armory has long been one of my favorites. Can you provide any comments on the break down and cleaning? Springfield striker fired pistols are exceptionally easy to break down, clean and reassemble. I am not a big fan of field stripping a 1911. Where does this pistol fall fall on that scale?

  2. The 911 looks like a exact copy of my Sig P938 which I carry, only the 911 is a $100 cheaper than the Sig. But knowing Springfield’s reputation for quality firearms, this one looks like it will be a hit.

  3. You didn’t mention it that I saw, but I take it that this pistol is also single-action and its carried ‘cocked & locked’ as are most 1911-style pistols in order to be at the ready. No doubt its a nice little pistol if you are ‘in’ to 1911s, but I’m just not a fan of that old design for daily carry when there are much better choices, IMHO. I’ll stick with my Sig 365 and 12rds, and its $150 cheaper.

  4. I have a Kimber micro 9, it is a nice little handgun, I’ve shot it maybe 2 dozen times, not real crazy about it so I ‘m thinking that it is trading material and will be headed down the road. It looks like this 911 Springfield in a 9 could be the same way as the kimber micro 9. A nice little gun, but a pain to shoot.

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