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  1. JWF… it is never to late to be in the game. Enjoyed your article and can relate having been there myself. My end is much better than yours but the similarities are uncanny. Wishing you all the best. Wojo

  2. This is such an encouragement for me. We live in a pretty good location for prepping but finances, health and life make it difficult sometimes. I’m entering my 50’s in a few months and your words will help.

  3. I’m sure that guns are illegal on the island as you have buried your guns. Don’t forget to buy ammo, and stack it deep.
    The dollar store is great, isn’t it? . I think you’ll be just fine. You will be in our prayers.

  4. JWF:
    I’ve been prepping off and on for several years. I was unemployed 4 times during the Clinton years. Always had to start over, so I can relate to your situation.

    Luckily my wife had a good job.

    We live in Nebraska, which is good for prepping.

    We’re nearing retirement. We built our retirement home 20 years ago and refinanced it 9 years ago. We didn’t increase our payments and went for another 30-year mortgage. We started kicking our retirement into overdrive and should have it paid for in about 3 years.

    As is typical for preppers, I concentrated on firearms and bullets while letting food go. My wife surprised me with starting talking about putting in more food and TP for the winter. She wants to keep up to 6 months of food on hand.

  5. What an inspiring story – that you came back from despair, came back from wasting your resources on drinking and smoking, and realized out that God really wanted to bless you, not forsake you. Thank you very much for sharing this. It has encouraged me to consider doing the same.

  6. Former Longguylander who moved away for the same reasons you mention. Don’t despair but do work with your children in moving out of the area. There are so many affordable areas of the country that can be had with just a regular full time job. I now live in a State with no income tax, my property tax is only $800 a year, my wife an I have modest jobs and we live well. You can do it, keep the faith.

  7. Dear JWF, Your story gripped me. I could feel your pain and despair. Could feel myself with you at the campfire talking to God. Found myself rooting for you and reading faster to learn more of the story. I love how honestly you write. Certainly no judgement on my part, as the Lord has an individual sanctification timeline for each of us that varies person by person. We each have our own coping mechanisms as well. I can share, that I will cope better when I hear you moved to safer place. I do not say this lightly, as I am in a similar boat and need to move this coming year as well. You and your family are prayed for. May our Lord bless you in great abundance. Krissy

  8. Be of good courage! God lives and reigns, and He can lead you out, just as He led Israel through the Red Sea, or Peter out of prison. Pray that He will bring you off that island to the place of His choosing! He is already moving in your behalf.

  9. You are on the right track and are talking about quitting smoking and drinking, but doesn’t quite sound like you are there yet. I have seen way to many patients going through DT’s, add trying to quit smoking on top of that and in the real time of need you may find yourself totally unable to function for your family. Try to make those two things a priority NOW. Those two things are very difficult, and easier said than done, but absolutely imperative for the success of your family. I wish you good luck and prayers.

  10. Best article I have read in a long time. So many are in your situation. Be encouraged because you are aware when so many are clueless. Perhaps God brought you to where you are so that you will be drawn to Him. I will lift up mine eyes from where my strength comes. God bless.

  11. J.W.F.
    I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t have something in their past that they wish were not true. The ability and willingness to admit and face those issues makes us prime candidates for the help of God. Jesus chose 12 guys who had issues. Eleven of them turned out fine and you will to. Trust him. My wife and I will be praying for your relocation. Let us all know when you get your miracle. God is good!!!
    My wife and I recently had a conversation in which we asked ourselves if we were still preppers or if we had become hoarders. We recalled an event years ago when our preps carried us and our children through 6 months of unemployment. I have what society would call the best of education, multiple graduate degrees and professional licenses. That did not count for a thing when the “perfect storm” hit. Looking back, We determined that we are very much preppers and will continue to be.

  12. Brother JWF,
    There’s no great joy in shared pain, but know that you’re not alone.
    You, and many others may not realize it, but we will be just exactly where the Good LORD GOD would have us.
    We don’t have to understand the “why me” stuff. Just trust GOD. Trusting in CHRIST JESUS for your salvation and your destiny to our HOLY FATHER.
    Pray. And pray alot. Pray while you’re walking, driving, working….even sleeping. I keep my prayer list under my pillow and am aware of it during the night as my hands touch it. It makes me pray then too. Talk to GOD, even like you would talk to a man. Our FATHER wants to hear from us. Think of how you feel when your kids haven’t talked to ya in a while. It hurts, bro.
    I signed in to say that no matter where you are, or how prepared you think your family is, our fate is not in our hands. GOD knows.
    Belonging to him requires trusting him. Sometimes our plans don’t work out, and we become frustrated and/ or bitter.
    I believe with all my heart that this is our loving GOD directing us according to his will.
    Remember, its really not about us. When you belong to the LORD, you may be led where you would rather not go. In that place, you will find the work HE would have you doing.
    We should all search ourselves and find out what we stand for. Then take a stand for that cause. It’s time to be all in.
    Whether you are still on LI, or have managed to relocate somehow, you will do good work.
    It may cost you your life, yet the scriptures tell us that this mortal life is worth losing for the saving of your soul.
    I don’t imply wasting it on foolishness, but there is quick coming those dark days when your faith will be the most important possession you own.
    I’m your age. Army vet. Married to the wife of my youth. My only son has been killed. My grandchildren think the Constitution is obsolete.
    I’m crippled from a falling injury and have no retirement to speak of.
    But I belong to GOD Yahweh, by the saving Grace He gave me through the blood price of JESUS.
    Come whay may, my meager provisions, that sound alot like yours, will be enough.
    Persevere, brother.

    1. Please know that there is a VA pension program called Aid and Attendance which provides financial assistance to veterans who have served at least one day during war time, even if never actually in combat. There are very specific rules so you would need to assess whether you would qualify. You would require help to perform some activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing.

      Most people do not know about this program, but a qualifying single vet would get over $22,000 per year. Married gets over $26,000. https://americanveteransaid.com/eligibility/

  13. JWF. It’s been said already, even by you. Get off of LI…now. Don’t be putting it off. LI is the last place in the US I would want to be if big problems happen. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your wife. The “gangs” exist right down the street from you….well, maybe not right down the street, but you know what I am talking about. And about your cars, my wife has 300,000 on her Jeep and is still going strong. So miles don’t matter if you take care of them.

  14. JWF ,,,,,, move ,,,,,,,start over ,,look at the bright side the less you have the the easier it is to move ,,go west,,
    The way that you wander is the way you chose ,,,the day that you wait is a day that you lose
    Don’t look back

  15. On an island, you are terribly dependent upon food and fuel being brought to you. Yes, you have canned goods. They will diminish. Learn to raise your own food. Look up “container gardening” since you live in a rental. The climate of Long Island will allow you to raise a lot of food. Those of us in now-frozen parts of the country envy what you have.

    Now the fuel part. Find a good used bicycle with a rack. Shop around and educate yourself regarding what “good bicycle” means. Then learn how to maintain and fix it. You are now your own engine and control the source of your fuel.

    BTW, buying cigarettes for “barter” sounds fishy to me. Use that money to buy food. Food will serve you better as barter than tobacco. In this quote, your alcohol and tobacco use is the theif:
    John 10:10 King James Version (KJV)

    10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

    You have strong faith, I hope you find others who share that, regardless of their collapse awareness.

    Carry on

  16. You must move out of LI. New York is like Commufornia, except you can get a straight answer out of a New Yorker, you can’t even talk to a Californian. That’s the only good thing about east coasters, if they say they will be at a meeting at 10AM they will be five minutes early, Californias won’t even make it on the same day they said if at all.

    Move to the mid-west or American Redoubt.

  17. JWF, god bless. Many of us will have suggestions to move but that’s a big step when you have relatives like a son and daughter in the area. They likely have jobs and can’t leave. Real estate where you are might make it hard to pull up stakes.

    Read Mr. Rawles’ books a few times and close your eyes and think about the town scenery that he paints. Try it slow. Here’s a gentle suggestion. Save some gas money for the spring and take a drive in your car out west or head south. Sleep in the car (as practice) if you have to do so, but see something else in your life that includes nature. Every town needs an extra hand these days, and you will know it when you see fit.

    Regardless, take a few road trip pictures and practice to see what you have in your 40# pack that makes it worthwhile to keep carrying.

    It’s a beautiful country we have and your words about our country will mesh real well with what you find. Find some country diners along along the way.

    Take care.

  18. JWF – you have already received my prayer offering! I appreciate your honesty and am overjoyed in your faith. Continue to give it all to the Almighty; “in all thy ways acknowledge Him and he will direct thy paths”. I am in the process of cleaning out our pantry and am saddened that I was not more diligent in rotating stock as I have some canned goods that need to be thrown out. Having said that, it is a lesson learned and I will move forward. We all make mistakes and best to learn from them now rather than later. Carry on, Brother, God’s got this!

    1. Are you sure that all of those cans need to be thrown out? I certainly don’t want you to get sick, but I just had a can of tuna a few days ago that said it’s best use date was June 2009. It tasted just fine with no ill effects. I became a paramedic back in the early 80’s, and drug expiration dates were typically about 6-8 years out. Now they’re less than a year for the identical items. I believe that those shelf lives have been intentionally shortened to increase sales. YMMV.

  19. If you are handy, know how to do repairs, and can do a decent job of painting a house, inside or out, there are abundant jobs available in New York State. I know people who live within 100 miles of New York City, mostly north and west, who simply cannot find anyone who can work with their hands without waiting weeks and weeks.

    Everybody sent their kids to college, telling them to get jobs where they wouldn’t get their hands dirty, and now there are almost no young or even middle aged people with practical skills in the metropolitan area. Unless they are Hispanic, in which case they mostly work hard, but there are language communication problems.

    And go to AA. Not only will it help with the alcohol, but there is a whole community of hundreds of people in your area who can be of help in practical matters.

  20. Keep your chin up and trust in the Lord!

    I am 53-1/2 years young, lost almost everything after 2008 crash, an a smiled blue collar worker, have had 7 different jobs since 2009 due to layoffs and company closings.

    Fled Connecticut to the Carolinas, not as cheap as everyone says, if you are blue collar, the jobs suck here, low pay, very unorganized and inefficient /incompetent management and processes, lack of safety of health concern ( not LEAN and strong red neck mentality) as far as work….work stupid and hard instead of working smart.I

    I am still renting because I cannot afford the overpriced real estate anywhere close to where jobs are.

    So, I encourage you, you are not alone in your attempt to get prepared in middle age.

    May God Bless you and yours. Maranatha Lord Jesus!

    1. William
      Lived in Carolinas most of my life. I do not see things a you have stated. One of the problems of people coming from another part of the country to a new area, no matter where it is. They do not try to fit in, but expect everything and everyone to be like the place and people they left behind. Maybe you should give the locals more credit and you try to adjust to the new area you have chosen. As I have told others, “the same road road that brought you here also leads back to where you came.
      The citizens of the Carolinas are welcoming and friendly people. The main thing we do not want hear is “HOW YOU DID IT FROM WHERE YOU CAME FROM”
      You left your home looking for something and evidently you did not find it here. Which indicates maybe you should look elsewhere for your happiness.
      I hope you find happiness somewhere, but you have to choose to be happy, nobody else can do that for you.
      My father came to North Carolina in 1939 from Massachusetts. He made it his home and never wanted to go back.
      I hope God blesses greatly and you find happiness and peace

      1. Thank you sir for your response. I am definitely not trying to change anything, as that is why I fled the north. I love Southerners and southern culture, it just seems as though the work ethic is not as sophisticated as the north, and the “good ole boy” way of doing tbings, you know, ” that’s the way we have always done it” seems to resist any open mindedness to improve, work smarter, safer and more effjciently.

        I have 35+ years in all aspects of manufacturing, from high end furniture to CNC aerospace machining, and I have never experienced such unorganization in how management runs things, that I have experienced in the South. I guess, if one only knows one way of doing something, they think it is sufficient, no being open to continuous improvement.

        I have tried my best to assimi!ate, love guns, God , BBQ, NASCAR, big trucks, etc. I find Southerners to be VERY kind and hospitable.

        I appreciate your comments.

  21. JWF ,,, I would like to add something ,,,,,if today was your last day and you had time to think and reflect before you take your last breath , would you say all is well with what was my life ?
    If not why not??

    I type this as I sit by a friend on his death watch ,he will be gone very soon ,
    We all should do this once , you will look at life different from then on ,

  22. Very brave to write that article and I commend you brother. Jesus is the only way, and while all the advice on this site is incredibly useful, Jesus has you and you must rely on Him only. He will lead you. Keep talking to Him. I went through some of the most hopeless circumstances in my life almost to the point of death, a couple of times, sadly. And yet, Jesus walked beside me when I couldn’t hear Him or see Him. He carried me. He is the God of miracles. May God bless you brother. I am praying the light starts to shine brightly in your life.

  23. Wow — I feel so blessed to know there are so many like-minded Americans, Christians, and Patriots on this blog that have taken time and interest to edify our brother in Christ, JWF. I believe this is better than a church service— everyone of you have been so honest and completely sincere in encouraging ALL of us that are struggling with life’s issues — it doesn’t seem to matter what we do, life does get in the way — sometimes it is our fault but sometimes it’s through no fault of our own. I want to encourage everyone out there to “keep your eye on the prize” Philippians 3:14
    JWF please keep looking up to Jesus “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith…….”Hebrews 12:2 May God richly bless you for your honesty in confessing your faults and giving ALL of us (who have our own faults) a chance to pray for you — I have some extra prepping books I would love to give you — but don’t know how — I will keep looking at this site to see if someone knows how to make personal contact —God bless you and yours, praying for you to keep up the good work!

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