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  1. Mr Smith is intentionally wrong. The trade war with China began decades ago. 22 months ago the U.S. acknowledged that fact and began fighting back. Mr. Smith seems to favor China in this fight. Very strange.

  2. The obese gassy NYC real-estate scammer has weaponized your best traits against you while appealing to your worst paranoias and fears. He uses your love of country and freedom to delude you, then tries to use racism and anti-Christian hate to motivate you to do his bidding, which always involves money. He is a fraud.

  3. Contrary to how OneGuy and Jimbo see it I would say it’s more like Mr. Smith is a never big bank person. That surely can’t be said of Trump with all of the bankers he has in his cabinet.

    1. So to be clear; are you a never Trumper or a never banker?

      And to Murican: Are you really that uninformed about China’s trade policies and the previous U.S. administrations prostrating themselves to the Chinese on trade? The U.S. would be better off to end all trade with China. It is doubtful, regardless of what comes of these trade discussions, that China can ever be trusted AND China’s goal in trade is to become rich and powerful so that it can dominate the world. Why would we willingly and knowingly participate in that goal?

  4. while we couldn’t necessarily predict what mechanism would be used to actually do the job, we could not miss the fact that it was impossible for all those baby boomers to actually retire the way they’ve been led to believe they would. The money has already been stolen from them (all of it). How it was done really isn’t important. The bottom line is, other than the betters in government/media, we’re all going to be eating our pets.

  5. @ OneGuy…… so there is no misunderstanding about what I think, I am a never BIG banker. As far as Trump is concerned, with the Rothschild’s bailing him out in his past, it’s hard for me to believe that he has the same sentiments.

    1. Imagine you are trapped in your car after an accident and a fire breaks out. But the policeman who comes to rescue you is one [of] the police department that you hate. So of course with your high standards you refuse the rescue. Right? I applaud you. I’m more pragmatic, our country is going down the tubes in so many ways. The last president screwed us over and congress is a disaster. Trump is the only one out there who has a chance of pulling us out of this. I like him not for his foul mouth (well actually I do like that). I like him not for his bragadocious style or any of his faults. I like him because he is doing many things that badly need doing. Is he perfect? No, but he is so much better than anyone else. So IMHO that’s what it comes down to. We are in deep cr*p and we need a strong leader and Trump is it. I will be overjoyed if somehow another strong conservative patriot constitution loving leader stands up to take Trump’s place but I’m not holing my breath. This is all we have between us and globalization and Chinese economic dominance, etc. So he’s my guy regardless of his past faux pas.

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