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  1. Re: Oldest stove…
    Be careful showing off your ‘energy sucking appliances’, you may be forced to replace them or face ‘carbon penalties’ and/or exorbitant fines. Other than that, they’re pretty cool.

    1. Yes, and the most noteworthy point is that the Carrington Event happened in the midst of an extended solar minimum. (Just like the present-day solar conditions.)

  2. Glenn Beck has done one of his famous chalkboards on the Ukraine drama. This is not about the Biden’s, yes they are involved. But the rabbit hole is deeper. If you want a better understanding, I suggest to look up this YouTube video.

  3. I also have noticed this shift to the left by Fox News and Drudge. Have already started getting my news elsewhere. Thanks for the information on Whatfinger.com

  4. I also thank you for the Whatfinger recommendation. Money eventually leaks into everything and Fox has been under pressure from advertisers to moderate. They have gone too far for me and a lost audience ultimately means a lost message. Soros wins another battle.

    Food shortages and politics amaze me. Correct me if I am wrong, but I had been taught (yes, I am over 70 anos) that the United States held the bread basket of the world and the best farming technology on Earth. If the U.S. can feed the world, it makes President Trump’s tariff’s seem more than fair. If President Trump was mean spirited he could ask China to pay dearly for a bushel of grain. How does a million dollars per bushel of corn sound?

    And if no country buys, we could pay our farmers to fill all the silos ……. like they used to be. That’s what I call prepping.

    But, what do I know?

    1. The corn we have promoted and incentivised to grow is not food. You cannot walk through the corn rows and pluck an ear of corn and eat it as you walk.
      The corn we see is either fuel or must be pumped with “flavorings” in order to be consumed.
      I haven’t even broached the subject of genetic modification yet.
      We can’t even find clean, pure as God intended sweet corn here in Colorado anymore.

      I remember as a child we could get ten ears for a dollar. We used to cook up corn by the pot full and grill it in the shuck and eat ear after ear of the sweetest purest corn and spend the next hour picken your teeth.
      Tear in my eye. Please come quickly Lord Jesus. We are off the old paths and it isn’t getting better.

  5. I don’t believe that any foreign country or foreign national should be allowed to buy an American company/farm/land etc. period. It is contrary to American and citizens interest.

  6. Solar storm, reminds me of the end of Escape from LA. Snake Pliskin had it right. Sooner or later, someone needs to push the button, or mother nature might do it for us. Seems the only way we the people win is if the big reset shuts it all down. Reminds me of the end of Fight club that way too, I suppose.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Welcome to the human race.

  7. If and when we are hit with a major pulse that catcalysmicaly takes out a huge swath of the planet’s electrical assets, HOW will any of us know if it was an EMP, or CME, let alone who may be responsible if EMP? I am sure these questions will be on the forefront of astute survivors minds. Shortwave Radio perhaps?
    What about those without access to shortwave radio?

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