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  1. Re: Oil Supply?

    Or perhaps it is the Globalist’s oil supply? Gotta squeeze every drop outta that petro-dollar, don’t ya know! I believe there is more to this than oil. I could speculate, but then that might be boring. Could they be sucking Trump (us) back in to take out Iran?
    Well, back to shopping for gun parts….

    BTW, ran into Jim Smith at the parts store. He says contact the museum if you’d like to fly in.

  2. Nope it’s just oil. Because if the US was concerned about establishing the peace globally and fairly they would’ve bombed Venezuela long ago to restore capitalism. There’s more death, poverty, and chaos in Venezuela than Saudi.

  3. What’s sad is I can remember playing with a friend in my pre teens and my grandmother said “boy your a real Benedict Arnold “ I had to ask around on what that meant.

    It’s sad that children are not taught this stuff today and we are bombarded with neighborhood block parties to entise the neighborhoods into Leftism Marxism. When I was a child block parties where to gather the patriots enforcing the patriotism.

    Sad. Real sad.

  4. Living life in the midst of history…individual lives go on and rarely are reflected in the written account much, let alone fully. SO many details and perhaps facts are left out. From what i have read, Arnold started out as a Patriot. How sincere his position was in the beginning, one can speculate. But, the point IS, he turned his coat SOMEWHERE along the way. For some reason…money, position, or fear of what could possibly happen if the rebellion was crushed, (and it appeared likely,) he abandoned his comrades and the cause.

    Considering that lack of loyalty in TODAY’S setting gives one pause in the current “see something, say something” climate. Caution, OPSEC and prayerful deliberation of those around us, before and especially after any event, could be a crucial difference in one’s, (and one’s family’s,) future.

  5. RE: Detection and Jamming, A Cheap Tech Tip and Teaser for radio nerds.

    To better detect threats using low power radio, rip the TV antenna that is actually a dual band UHF/VHF antenna, mount so that is vertical to the (that is up and down orientation), and point it in the direction of the most likely avenue of approach. Using the old wire that is on the old TV antenna, strip and push one of the bare wires into the scanners antenna plug and attached the other wire to the body of radio or ground of that antenna base of the scanner. This is the tricky part, but the correct connector and a 50 ohm, or even 75 ohm cable TV cable without the proper connector can be run from the antenna to the scanner. It is of course best to plan ahead and do it the correct and reliable way. Program the scanner with only GMRS/FRS, MURS, and even CB frequencies, and others if you can. Use a second scanner on the same cable to sweep the entire 2 meter HAM band.

    The common as dirt radio out there are the ubiquitous GMRS/FRS radios and represents the most likely radio that Bubba and the Back Wood Boys, might use if knocking over preppers. CB radio will be their second choice, and possibly even 2 meter. GMRS/FRS radios have a very short range, so we use a direction antenna that will pick up the weakest signal. and exclude signals that are not as much of a threat. We would want to hear all traffic in the area as well, but our focus should first be at the front door, and primary avenue of approach. If any traffic is heard they are very close by, and so is the threat. It would be best to put a patrol out to confirm and gauge the threat, or at least put eyes out on the approach, and ready the defense.

    If you can up your game, purchase an open banded mobile transceiver such as the Anytone UT-5558 , or similar inexpensive mobile for around 100 bucks. If a threat is determined to be using a frequency, simply plug that frequency into to mobile transceiver, set the power to 5 watts, and using a rubber band place over the mic’s PPT button (push to talk button), so that the radio transmits continuously. This a crude form of jamming, and open mic. It is unlikely that Bubba has a back up channel designated, and it is possible that one can take the momentum out his attack. But also listen to see if the threat does have an alternate channel, and then jam that. Do this using a mobile transceiver that has can transmit continuous on it lowest power setting of 5 watt, as the Baofeng has a limited duty cycle and could over heat and fail if used as continuous method of ‘open mic’ form of jamming. A better use of a Baofeng in this role would be to monitor their traffic and selectively interfering with their traffic. This method takes more attention and finesse, yet may actually be more effective at causing confusion or FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). One may even use a digital recorder on their smart phone to record voices, and play them back, so that the enemy believes that they are hearing a familiar voice. P25 traffic can also be interfered with in this way, even if you do not have DMR. But that is deeper than we really need to go here.

    One might be surprised how grandpa might be more effective with a radio than several guys with guns. That is because grandpa might knows more than one way to skin a rabbit.

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