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  1. Dont forget about lomatium rash. I gave some to my son when we had the flu a few years ago and the rash itself is a little bit scary, itchy purple speckles all over his chest. It went away when he stopped taking it.

      1. Stephen Buhner said that the rash only occurred in about one percent of people when using the fresh tincture of Lomatium dissectum, and only when it is used alone, rather than in conjunction with other herbs. Buhner also said that there is nothing that can be done to get rid of the rash, and that it goes away in about a week. There is no rash with other species of Lomatium, no rash with the infusion, and no rash when used with other herbs.

        1. I was just pointing it out is all, it’s good for people to know. I was actually using a tincture combination of lomatium, licorice, skullcap, red root and Yerba Santa, that I got from Stephen Buhner’s book. On the bright side, it worked very well otherwise.

  2. Dear Jen, wish I had had your knowledge in Fall of 2009 when two of my teenage sons, as well as myself, got the H1N1 influenza. One of my sons was a super fit, tough, 19 yr old college athlete, and the H1N1 had him curled up into a fetal position in agony. He was delirious with fever and has no memory of the event. He was hospitalized and recovered. For the first time in my life, H1N1 gave me severe double pneumonia. These bugs can take out even the strong and healthy. Thank you for sharing your research. For those who prepare in advance, lives will be saved. May God bless your calling and endeavors to help others, Krissy

    1. When I came down with H1N1, I immediately took 100,000 IU of Vitamin D. It was gone in about an hour.

      However, i took it immediately after I woke up with the flu. Had I waited, it might have taken a few days.

      Medicinal doses of Vitamin D (50,000 IU and up) are safe to take for a few weeks. The overdose symptoms are clear, so you just stop taking it.

      Read the research on the VitaminDCouncil website for more detailed information.

      It also works very well for sick kittens. Put enough Vitamin D 6,000 IU drops on their paws to make them oily. For extremely young kittens, put a few drops on your finger, and wipe your finger inside their mouth, as they are too young to clean themselves.

      You can also give some to the mother, so the kittens get it in her milk. However, this is better for prevention, as the dose is too diluted. Straight into the mouth until symptoms subside is best.

        1. Just keep in mind that vitamins K,A,D, and E are fat soluble and you can get vitamin poisoning by taking too much of them! (Either in one big dose or by taking a bit too much, daily, over a period of weeks.)

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