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  1. My Springfield Armory socom is heavier, I love my sig 556 swat it has metal forearm with rails.
    I will never sell it, it’s easier to clean than a AK!
    And very accurate. Every one wants to shoot it when I take her out.

  2. I put Arms (Rear), and Samson folder on mine. Placed 3.5 x 10 x 44 Zeiss Conquest on it. I would like to purchase a spare part kits from it. May possibly change out the rear sight for Sig diopter sight, and I like the looks of the folder better than the M4 Style stock. Their Sig 522 looks to be a good training weapon as well. Recoil is different than AR15 (M4) style rifle, and more pleasant to shoot.

  3. Stone dead reliable. If this weapon is too heavy to employ properly, you’re entirely too soft now for the things to come. Change that now. Life will be harder than most conceive. I shake my head when people complain about the weight of a carbine caliber weapon. These are the good old days. Use them.

  4. So let me see: it is a great gun, but you got rid of it. Front end heavy which must have really bothered you. So in reality it was not so great after all, from your perspective at least. Sort of an odd review. I own a very nice SIG 220 Elite in 10mm, and this is a very nicely done pistol. I agree SIG quality is top notch. But this review does not encourage me to buy this particular weapon.

  5. Sounds like a competent rifle, which isn’t surprising coming from Sig (I’m a “Sig guy” myself; really love their pistols). However, the author doesn’t acknowledge there are many great piston ARs out there (in various calibers, to include 5.56, of course). I carried M4s in combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan and they never let me down, but I hated the direct impingement feature (unbelievable fouling, heat, etc.). I never would have bought an AR for myself had there not been excellent piston alternatives out there. My POF and Ruger ARs are superb. As for optics, it’s a free country I realize, but it’s a shame Sig sources their optics in China. I’ll scrimp for the real thing (Aimpoint, EoTech, Trijicon) and be certain to have the performance, quality, and durability that comes with each and take a lot of satisfaction knowing I’m supporting American workers and American manufacturing. China is our enemy across the board; why buy their cr*p?

  6. I just acquired a SIG 556 Pistol. I’ll be adding a folding stock adapter and a SBA4 pistol brace. I’ve already installed an EoTech 512. This will be an outstanding GHB/Home defense weapon.

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