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  1. Just getting off the night shift JWR, and I always look forward to reading your thoughts on pending gun legislation (well not really, I would rather there be nothing to read about at all). Advice well take about stocking up on ar lowers. Unfortunately there are only so many private sale guns to be purchased off of Armslist, out of the paper etc. Much of what may need to be done can be done with glocks, ar15’s and ar10’s, all of which we can currently and fortunately purchase in the 80 percent form, and finish without any numbers at all. The things which are unavailable in 80 percent form are stainless steel long range bolt action rifles, 50 bmgs and all of the other wonderful semiauto battle rifles, such as my favorite, the SCAR 17. We all know from watching history where this is going anyway, registration and then confiscation if they have our way. So why not just go the 80 percent route now and leave nothing to be traced anyway? The people that seek to disarm us are well aware of the statistics of more people being killed with bats and knives than semi auto rifles. So why do we seek so earnestly to comply with people that would tie us to stakes and rip our guts out, just as was done to the Russians by the communist bolesheviks?? Endless putrid submission to those who would enslave and murder us?

  2. Re: Negative Interest Rates.

    I see how Central Banks make money off negative interest rates. I see how, with reserve requirements, Central Banks can force Banks to accept negative interest rates. I cannot see how a bank can make money off a negative interest rate mortgage. Can someone enlighten me?

    Re: African Tax Avoidance

    I notice that the author immediately bemoans that the taxes avoided could be going to social welfare programs. In other words wealth redistribution.

    1. They loan out something like 12 dollars for every dollar of deposits. 11 of those dollars are created out of thin air. They could make money in far worse situations than slightly negative rates. To make matters even more profitable, the banks can collect collateral, like a home, if the borrower defaults. So the bank didn’t risk it’s own money and has collateral in the form of the house to ensure profits. They also tend to accumulate government guarantees on loans, so they won’t even lose a dime of the interest that they expect on money created it of thin air, even if the home burns to the ground, they will collect the difference from the tax payers.

      And if the bank gets too reckless, the government will try to bail them out, if it seems politically feasible.

  3. With regards to firearm purchases try estate sales and auctions. I recently attended an auction here in Pennsylvania which included about two dozen firearms. There was no paperwork for long arms for Pennsylvania residents and no sales tax.

  4. Hong Kong Joins Hands Across the Entire City.

    Inspiring. We can learn something here. Could this happen to the City of London some day? They may realize that if they loose, it is the Chinese Gulag, or worse. Whether their intent or not, the protesters are holding one of the major financial centers hostage simply by standing up. Eventually, that may be also in front of tanks. Confidence in the global banking system is already low, and confidence is the only thing that is holding it together. What happens in Hong Kong could trigger further loss of what remains of that confidence, that causes a banking crisis that may freeze up credit among, at least the Asian banks. Should it get bloody, any bank anywhere in the world may no longer trust a major bank in HK, that is apart of the global financial hub, and commerce ceases. War between Korea, Japan, and China is possible. And there is the risk of a daisy chain of defaults that goes global. If the China recognizes this, they would tread lightly.

    If a regular guy like myself understands this, then the Powers that Be, may also understand this. But do they understand the risk fully, and care enough to hold back their “dogs of war”?

    1. Something like this has already happened in London. Last year. A group called Extinction Rebellion shut down the city by blocking five bridges.

      My sweet spouse and I attended an introduction last week. I am curious…and skeptical. In the meantime, I’ll seek a link about the London shutdown.

      Carry on

        1. I missed that. Thanks! Once again, I’ve been ‘updated’. The Brits have been ‘organised’ and ‘tighty’ about it so far, but Hong Kong could get out of hand. Tommy Robinson had to go to jail, but the Hong Kong protesters know their fate could be worse than death, and may become unwilling organ donors in the process. I’d say they have little to lose, and everything to gain at this point by ‘giving it their all’, as the Brits might say. Nervous politicians in Hong Kong are urging restraint, hoping to maintaining an stable atmosphere, conducive to business.

        2. Semper Fi there, Once a Marine…I notice on the link that they want carbon zero, i.e., someone to be totally in control over their every carbon emission. No doubt they buy the anthropogenic global warming/climate change dogma hook line and sinker. This is pseudo-science, an un-disprovable globalist hobby-horse more in line with astrology and phrenology. For a refreshing look at the topic, read Marc Morano’s Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. Also, here are a couple of interesting and thoughtful refutations of this globalist religion:



  5. Re: Brave Browser


    Former Google engineer turned Infowarrior recommends Brave Browser, because it uses Tor, and is therefore untrackable. Fox Fire founder got pushed out, and created Brave Browser using his version of Google Chrome in a new way and againist Google. Download this MP3 and go to 3 hours, 14 minute mark to hear his recommendations. Matt Bracken is up after that interview:

    Alex Jones Show, Thursday, Aug 22, 2019

  6. What specifically is the common sense gun registration that the Senate agreed to?
    I have read all sorts of things but nothing has happened to date.

    Anyone with a right to carry already has been logged in so to speak to the government.

    Or is this new law the actual first step for gun confiscation by outlawing assault weapons which means every weapon anyone owns since all can kill.

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