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  1. There has been a beautiful memorial built on the site of the Yarnell Hill fire. If you’re ever in northern Arizona, in the Prescott area, you’ll not regret a visit to the memorial.

  2. I know a few woodland firefighters who have warned that this was the result of females in the group who were unable to get out of the way of the fire in time and fell out. The rest of them choose to stay with the females and they all perished. They also told me they received serious pushback and threats of losing their job for even saying this so now they just say nothing.

    1. You are correct and I was mistaken. It was the Storm King fire I had been told about. My bad. The fire fighter who told me the story was not one of those who was there and survived it. But It was common discussion amongst the firefighters from Oregon who had survived that fire until they were told to never discuss it again. Some of the firefighters didn’t stop to remain with the women but literally ran to the top of the ridge and slid, stumbled and fell down a gully until they were able to reach the highway.

    2. Let me add something for clarification. My friend was told not to talk about it because it would be hurtful to the families. After reading my comment I felt that my opinion of the reason, i.e. for political correctness, was implied. But as I understand it the sincere intent was to prevent lose rumors and speculation bring harm to the families of those who died. And honestly, that makes good sense to me.

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