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  1. Re: Democrats Pushing for Impeachment
    Of course they are, and I say that conservatives and President Trump did not start this fight but we sure are in it to win it now. I think the next year is going to be really bad for the players in BHO’s administration who have sold out the US. Traitors all, and they should hang together in front of the Capitol Building. By the general election next November the Demonrats are going to be in deep poopoo.

  2. @ Tap water – Another misleading snippet here. Rather than outlining the ways in which this snippet is false, I’ll jump to the end. This is a narrative for how water becomes privatized. Privatized water has an approximately 500% mark up (depending on source). This narrative is situated as to say “this is what we will lose if we fail to act”. But, the ways in which industry wants to act, is not in your best interest.

  3. It is time for Republican Senators to step up and censure Sen Harris for the comments that she keeps making about the President. Time for them to make a statement.

    1. Buck,
      They don’t know how to stand for anything except the status quo. I was a republican once, but never again. They have no creditability with me.

  4. House Democrats Pushing for Impeachment

    The democrats and their traitorous filth in the FBI, CIA, NSA and all the other deep state pigs, are trying to overthrow the government and institute a communist regime. We should be marching on DC. It is the only option we have left.

  5. House Pushing for Impeachment

    1 Tim: 2:1-3 Today is a National day of Prayer for our President and Government. Please stand for a Godly Nation. Prayer changes things!

  6. There are some interesting aspects to the Swedish preparedness booklet. One that is particularly heartening is this: ‘If Sweden is attacked by another country, we will never give up. All information to the effect that resistance is to cease is false.’
    Also note that the government can draft citizens between the ages 16 of 70 into military and other service.
    I can remember in the 50s hearing air raid alarms here in the US. We did ‘duck and cover’ drills at school, hiding under our desks or in the halls with coats over our heads.

    1. Your right. What once was may very well b again. Russians have had bombers on the coast of Alaska for some time now never say it couldnt happen here.

    2. The section you quoted jumped out at me as well. Could our government be counted on to do the same? I think our current Executive Branch would go down swinging but I don’t believe I could count on anyone else in DC

  7. There is a YouTube about this topic. Sweden was once much more prepared during the cold war with massive fallout shelters under the streets. It once had a total military force of 700,000. Today that number is 50,000, including the Home Guard, comprised heavily of their ‘Boomers’. The rest of Europe is likely in simular state.

  8. Stack a Royal Berkey on top of a ZeroWater filter. Will take out almost every impurity in water.

    The Berkey filters bacteria and viruses, along with some organics and metals, The ZeroWater deionizes the rest.

  9. Sweden Prepping due to Possible Russian intervention is a good move on their part. I would like to add as an ex-Spokane resident, there are a lot of Russians settling there, and I mean a lot. I am sure most were trying to get away from Russia, none the less, just thought I would mention that.

    1. Rita, when I left Spokane area in 2011 there were estimated to be about 25,000 Russian and Eastern Bloc immigrants in the Eastern Washington area as far west as Odessa, WA. Here in Alaska there are entire area dominated by Russian and former Eastern Bloc areas; current estimates are about 45,000. But then we bought Alaska from Russia so …

      My grandparents immigrated here from Ukraine (Russia as it was called then) and I grew up in that mindset; learned to speak a bit too but have not kept it up very well. I fear the Islamic invasion of this nation more than any Russian or other ethnic descendants because Islam is fundamentally incompatible with our Christian foundations contained in our Constitution.

      Bottom line, be prepared, as a life long Scout … be prepared. Be instant in season …

  10. For a Nation founded upon Biblical principles, with total reliance upon Divine Providence, to embrace the iniquity of the sins of abortion, homosexuality, and many other, to turn our backs upon God, maybe the scourge of Islam will be justice. America, humble yourself and bless God.

  11. “Political Education Centers” in China? Our public schools are nothing more than political indoctrination camps and have a hundred times more people in them.

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