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  1. RE: tangibles investing Let me remind you that jeep stands for Just Empty Every Pocket
    sure they are cool and everything but from a practical stand point you might be served by just a plain Jane 4X4

  2. I have been considering some type of off road 4×4 utility vehicle for our homestead. Many sided by sides are around $18,000. I was very excited to see Mahirnda of India offer a Wiley’s jeep clone with a Diesel engine for right around $19,000. They are not street legal. After careful contemplation I think the best route is buying a working old Wiley’s jeep. You can find many right around $20,000, they are street legal AND for us TEOTWAWKI Preppers the older Wiley’s jeeps will survive an EMP. Best thing it if you take care of it it should appreciate in value due to its collectibility.

    1. Here are some other considerations. We live completely off grid on a mountain. For 13 years we have tried plowing the logging road and blowing the logging road via tractor, and finally settled on snowmobiles or tracked ATV/UTVs. The problem with ATV/UTVs is that they are considered recreational and cost a small fortune to maintain. I can buy new disc brake pads for a 3/4ton 4WD pickup for half the cost for an ATV. They wanted $350 for a teeny starter on an ATV, $85 for the pickup. I too like the prospect of the Mahindra but will wait to see what parts cost. It IS a recreational vehicle. In the mean time we have gone to a Suzuki Samaria with tracks. Put tires on it in the no snow season and drive to town. Parts are really inexpensive. You can buy a complete engine rebuild kit for $260.

    2. ROXOR,

      I too find myself strangely attracted to the ROXOR, it has to be the turbo diesel engine. It NOT being street legal, is the main reason not to get one. But, I told myself if they become available in OD Green with a PTO, I will reconsider… A little voice in the back of my head keeps telling me to buy one now before the govt. bans them or the price goes up, making them unaffordable…

      It seems to have a lot of qualities that would be useful in a crisis, just like the U.S. Army Truck, ​1⁄4 ton, 4×4, Command Reconnaissance did.

  3. Unless you had a line on “crated” jeeps and stacked them when they were surplus and now have a supply of parts these small (anyone over 6ft don’t fit),underpowered,low geared,functionally obsolete(brakes,suspension,steering,electrical(6volt,lights,signals,starters generators)need upgrading to handle modern roads. These are strictly for enthusiasts and collectors. A cheap wrangler,CJ or the J10-J20 or a SJ would be the beast(still wish I had my SJ)

  4. Great picture of the Pilgrims.

    Dec 21 – what an unfavorable time of year to set foot in New England and try to start up a homestead. Bet they didn’t really look like that after 3-1/2 months at sea.

  5. I have a problem buying high performance UTVs or Roxor’s that cost $20K for a 4 seat, non street legal vehicle when I can buy a 10-15 year old Jeep Liberty (gas or diesel) in good shape for $5K to $10K and have it full loaded and street legal. Now a UTV for working around the farm/ranch I can definitely sign up for.

  6. I’m having a hard time putting much faith in Kitco or gold-eagle.com these days. Always the same old song and dance – happy days are right around the corner, buy NOW or you’ll be sorry, blah blah blah… All those fancy charts don’t mean anything to me, whenever the market doesn’t follow their predictions they change capriciously between 5 day moving average to 200 day moving average, or the other way, or something in between, or if all else fails they point out the price of gold in 1976 or 1826. Sell me a mold to make 55 gr BTHP out of pennies, that’s something I could use.

  7. BinWY – A lot of us understand your frustration with Kitco, ect. Probably the majority of blue collar investors share the same feeling. The only reason I got started buying metals was concern that fiat dollars, stocks, ETF’s could be worthless one of these days, a typical prepper frame of mind. We shouldn’t get to hung up on what Kitco or someone else says about purchasing metals because we have a different agenda….protecting our family from the threat of zero value paper money and paper investments. I am not a believer in going ALL IN on precious metals. We should also own land, firearms, 4×4’s, ammo, base metals, nickels, long term food preps, tools and quality barter items. There are lot’s of other items that could be added to that list. My interest in the short and long term is not flipping metals for profit but financially protecting our home and loved ones. I really hope I never need to use it but I sleep better at night knowing the gold and silver is locked away and at hand if the need arises.

  8. Zerohedge article. The way I see it, those investments were made in variable rate loans. They paid a price for those loans based on the fed’s announced intentions on rate increase. The fed just shifted gears scaling the increase plans back creating a situation where those investors overpaid. Should not be a mystery that the market for that sort of thing is locked up. Don’t think its any sort of harbinger.

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