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    1. WW with a good idea! … Maybe, allege in the lawsuit, you have multiple personalities, and everyone should receive a Social Security check. … [With enough lawsuits, liberalism might collapse. … It seems people with multiple personalities are able to cast multiple ballots in Broward County, Florida.] … … Supposedly, people with multiple personalities are capable of keeping the personalities completely separated. = [They don’t share with each other and remain separated strangers. = A need for multiple checks!]

      1. While those may sound silly to us so did most of these gay marriage, transgender, bake my cake or else lawsuits a few years ago. It seems nothing is too extreme to be mainstream any more.

        1. What is disheartening is that marriage was always defined in the Christian/Jewish scripture. It has always been between a man and a woman. What the gays have done is bit worse than just weaponize the courts to make christians submit to their God called abomination–they’ve actually used SCOTUS to write that abomination in God’s eyes into the definition of Christian marriage and then call Christian/Jews haters for not going against their faith to accept it.

          It is a sad day in America.

    2. Trump was a democrat before flipping to Red, so count on him to soften and agree to some “Common sense” gun control before his term is up. AND it will be after a deep state terror attack by some militia member to justify the ban. I voted for Trump but don’t trust him.

  1. House Socialists cannot pass gun laws/bans by themselves. The Republicans controlling the Senate aren’t likely to go along with the House on their socialist agenda. So, two more years to stock up on freedom supplies.

    1. Be sure to note the exact price you pay for each item. When the SHTF and the next AWB or Magban comes along you wouldn’t want to be accused of gouging by those to lazy or stupid to plan ahead and buy now. You know they’ll expect you to sell to them at the price you paid originally or else be accused of being a heartless gouger and profiteer.
      (end sarcasm)

  2. One would think we have 2 years on freedom supplies with partial congressional control, but the reality is, you never know. Any one of the House members could flip, be bought, or pressured into some nefarious gun legislation.

    Buy what you can now, stack it deep…

  3. Why does YouTube have so much control over content that is shared? Are they the only game in town? I don’t understand why someone hasn’t figured out to create a website that is for the more conservative crowd that is not going to buckle under pressure from the liberals? What would it take to start something that will work for the people who are being shut out of YouTube? I’d bet if there was a fundraiser or a group of people working together to cooperate together to start such an endeavor, it would be viable for gun advocates.

  4. A time ago, before I got smart and imported a woman into America from a foreign country to be wife and mother of my four children, I was trying to court yet another American woman (seems like I courted two a year for twenty years).

    As you men know, as it goes with American women who are taught in the public school system to harass manhood and not comply with the Godly millennial old adage that ‘a woman is created to be parked in a family as her husband’s helpmate (co-partner), mother, and eventually grandmother of our human society.’

    No go!

    American women seem to play the Kardashian game whereby they can show up to a courting session, paid for by her man of the month club, with fifteen girlfriends, then write about the outing experience on social media with your picture associated with all the tags, then write complaints about you online as a God fearing man that wants nothing more than to be in a loving family having birthday parties with children, then phoning the police on you when you ‘stalk’ her with a text for another courting session, file harassment charges on you, and then yet use the full bandwidth of attorneys and women only laws written by female legislatures to ensnare manhood (domestic violence, stalking, retraining orders, complaints, marriage rape, rape, statutory rape, no fault divorce, child custody, the women’s right to choose, et al. There, that about covers it for laws that don’t really apply to womanhood but go right after manhood to exterminate it).

    I finally got smart when I knew the police were going to show up after dates in the parking lot of the restaurant I was courting an American girl for marriage. I would always wear a sports shirt under my business shirt and tie and strip it off in a clandestine area. I would change shoes from leather to tennis. I would put in false teeth and I had a ball cap with a blonde long hair wig bobby pinned inside (I have short dark hair). Then I would park across the parking lot and never make reference to my vehicle type or tags or even state plate it was regestered. This worked on a number of occasions and one time I drove right past the police when they were staring down my vehicle looking for me. It works!

    I’m sorry to bring this up, but this is a form of OPSEC and I also say this for the MEN out there who so desire to be in a family but are brutally ‘B’ slapped by this upcoming generation of womanhood. Also for your mothers out there with young sons that are thinking you’re going to be a grandmother soon. You might need to fight for your son’s ability to procreate and live in an American family. His selection pool for your future daughter-in-law has been tainted quit a bit with Leftist doctrine infiltrating the public schools telling women it is ‘indebted servitude’ to be under a man’s law in his home, and that the American housewife lives in a “comfortable concentration camp” – Betty Friedan. Young girls actually believe this ‘crap’ and it’s up to the older generation of Godly women to reprogram their young minds. It is not true what the Left teaches.

    I am now experimenting with latex compounds and mixing it up a bit to distort my face with good quality makeup artistry and some prosthetics for chin, cheeks, and nose I developed in my kitchen. You never know when you need to foil a facial recognition camera–and soon!

    I am married now and thanks to Communist countries that do not allow women’s rights into their borders. So, I do not recommend altering facial features on a date, but just use clothing disguises.

    God speed!

  5. Only the Democrats miraculously find uncounted ballots in the trunk of a car or a school storeroom after they’ve lost an election. A friend said it was because the voters from the cemetery don’t get to the polling places on time plus we all know the dead vote democrat!

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