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    1. Amen. KJV is The Preserved Word of God. Refined in a furnace of earth 7 times as silver. Do we believe God? His Word will endure forever. All others are leavened and a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. The Book of Life.

  1. uplifting read , very applicable to todays news.
    always Believe.

    Yesterdays Dreams , are Todays hopes and Tomorrows realities.

    That last line is truth.

    “Trust God. Be prepared. We can do both”

  2. Thank you, for those words of encouragement.
    I cannot write anywhere near that good.
    Yet, I take heart when I read that GOOD of which
    you speak. Hope is lost, just as anyone is,
    outside the will of God. Especially liked the quote
    referring to the one who falls and gets
    back up seven (7) times compared to the person
    who (sins) and stays down in it.

  3. Your article was meant for me! I have despaired and prayed about a particular situation and this article is serving as my first stepping stone! Many thanks, ShepherdFarmerGeek!

      1. Thank you, again, SFG; I appreciate the offer! Your article was the encouragement that I needed. I have taken my petitions to the Lord and He clearly answered my prayers through your words. My best regards to you and the Shepherdess.

  4. How to get to Heaven ? Simply admit to Jesus that you are a sinner, and accept His forgiveness. Jesus has completed the bridge and paid the toll with His BLOOD. Doesn’t matter WHO you are.
    Doesn’t matter WHAT you have done. Now you are saved, so START OVER ANEW. God now sees you as WHITE AS SNOW. Congratulations ! I will see you in Heaven !

  5. I’m just putting down thoughts about nothing at all. I born and raised catholic, 7 yrs of catholic grade school and 6 nuns and 2 priests. and according to the nuns and priests, I and my parents weren’t very good catholics. Mom tangled too many times with a couple of nuns at school about me not getting enough help when I needed it. Yrs later, my mom passed because of cancer, then my daughter passed unexpectly, then my Dad passed, and then my wife got terminal brain cancer and passed last yr. Every one tells me that there is God and that he is all grateful and caring, really. Is he really all caring? If he is, why does allow all sorts of diseases and sickness to happen? why does he allow all the killings though out the ages, man’s inhumanity to his fellow man? Why? I go to church on a regular basis, but I know that I’m just going though the motions. I’ve been told that God is always testing us, well if that is the case then I guess I’ve failed all the testing. They say that ” the world will come to an end as we know it “, well, mine came to an end on 9 july 17 at 9 pm. 48 yrs, 2 months, 6 days. and 8 hrs and that doesn’t included 2 yrs of dating before we were married. People have told me to get consuling, I’ve been to 3 group sessions

    1. It’s really sad to read about all the painful experiences you have been through. It’s a heavy load you have had to bear. I had a near death experience during emergency surgery in the 1980s, the surgeon confirmed I flat-lined; “We nearly lost you”. The experience of “dying” was a real eye opener; “I” was still very aware and alive, and was conveyed to a place of unspeakable beauty and comforting peace. It was HOME. This world is not our home, that’s why we search and seek and never feel satisfied, it’s a kind of homesickness. It’s hard to understand why things happen to us in this plane of existence, but EVERYTHING made sense in heaven.

      I believe in eternal life in the presence of a living, loving God, because I was fortunate enough to experience it. My grandmother met me at my arrival, hugging me and saying “Darling, how are you here? You must go back, it’s not your time yet. You have many things to accomplish, many to help, you must go back. I will be here when you come again at last.” I protested I wanted to stay but found myself waking up in the recovery room at the hospital. I have feared neither life nor death since that day. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful it was.

      I hope my story will lighten your load a little. “The best is yet to come.”

  6. ShepherdFarmerGeek- you said……

    ” I’ve heard words in my head (even “speaking” over my own thoughts at the moment), and have seen some amazing and highly unlikely things (and of course, Biblical signs in the heavens). I’ve been given specific dreams and been directed to amazingly specific Bible passages in response to questions or problems. And God has been providing for my wife and me with our finances in completely unexpected ways.”

    My short story is…….end of 2015 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer, I can tell you or anyone it was a shock and very emotional, I did not want to die, at a young 57, I started seeing and hearing a voice in my head, I heard the words clearly while lying in that hospital bed waiting for the biopsy results ” choose life”…….” choose life “……..”choose life “, so when I got home later I googled the words in the bible that said to choose life, and one verse stood out,

    Deut 30:19

    “I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you today that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. So choose life, so that you and your descendants may live ”

    I can tell you my hands were shaking, I printed out the verse and stuck it in big print over my bedroom wall, I recited it, when I was going through chemo I nearly died from chemo poisoning, while in the critical ward near death, I heard again choose life, while my body was dying, I understood God was giving me the choice to give up or live, so I chose life, I still do that today, I have little, I do not go to a church at the moment ( I could not go to a prosperity preaching Pentecosal anymore due to the lack of real biblical preaching ), but I have peace living each day, all I know is God himself sometimes speaks to me, I do not know my earthly future and I am extremely grateful for being alive and being able to still walk in the forests and camp under the night sky and look up know, my time is not up yet, I know whence I go when I die.

    God somehow provides for me and my wife, we are not well off, yet we get by.


  7. Dear Anonymous,
    I am sorry for your loss, although many of us experience loss, it is hard to understand why things happen and why things don’t happen. Keep returning to church, search out a priest or pastor you are comfortable with and talk to them, explain how you feel. Often, we don’t understand or comprehend what or why God allows things. Isaiah 55:8-9 ‘For your thoughts are not my thoughts and your ways are not my ways, says the Lord”. Remember, keep the faith and keep persevering; even Mother Theresa had doubts that she was making a difference and serving the Lord. You don’t know what purpose the Lord has for you, once you commit to Him, you may influence someone else and save others. Keep the faith!

  8. Dear Anonymous:
    Sometimes having everything stripped away from you is a type of cleansing. It’s a spiritual cleansing. Especially death of loved ones. For some , it’s all of their money and material possessions. It’s a forced re-boot of your perception of your life and what is truly valuable. I’ve been there. It gets down to the core of who you are, and very much how you respond (rise up) to that trauma you have experienced. There is a certain freedom and joy in spiritual and material cleansing. The “Book of Job” used to really depress me, and I struggled to understand the “why?” of it. But we cannot judge the infinity of God, or the reasoning behind events….just allow yourself to be drawn even deeper into Faith. Find strength there. Serve others unselfishly, and de-focus on the pain of your past, which will allow you to see a new future.

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