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  1. Being a bit of a gun novice, I used to ask my late friend Eugene Sockut, why he liked the 1911 in 45 ACP so much. I said I preferred a 9mm with a larger magazine capacity. He would reply, good luck you will need it!

  2. One Complaint
    “It weighs in at 2.16 oz, unloaded. ”

    Really? That would be awesome, but being that light would probably add to a LOT of recoil and kickback.

    But you know I’m joking. I’m sure you meant “pounds” instead of “ounces”.

    For that price, and that recommendation, I would pry open my dusty, creaky, wallet and buy one, now. I’d even fill out the Form 4473, and break my vow of private-only guns transactions.

  3. There are advantages to relatively “heavy” pistols beyond the reduced recoil, whether they be 1911 or revolvers. Aside from the plastic fantastic guns all makers have, the biggest advantage “all metal” guns have, is when you run out of bullets you can always get their attention by a good old fashioned whack up side the head. There, that’ll get their attention….

  4. Pat,
    I recently bought a Colt M1991A1 from a friend. Have you ever done a review of this weapon? If so where could I find your report? I’d be interested in what you have to day about it. For the record it only had 6 rounds fired through it since he bought it new. I paid $300.00 for it. I also got 12 magazines with it including the original that came with it new.

    Thank you very much for your posts, I read them first …

    Lt. Mike

    1. Lt. Mike,
      You have got to be kidding! Is he still your friend, or does he think you’re married now? That’s an outstanding deal! Due to repetitive wrist injuries I can’t shoot mine as much as I would like but I’ll never let it go. I’m THAT impressed with the Delta Elite!

      1. My friend passed away a few months ago. I suspect he knew he was not long for this world and gave me a great deal. He also left me his gun shop reloading gear and supplies in his will, and other items of great value. It really surprised me since we had only been acquainted for 8 years or so; however, we spent many hours working together, shared many common interests including survival, and shooting. He attended my commission ceremony, and often visited us at the armory during weekend drills. I always invited the public to attend drills and training when they could be allowed in, after all its taxpayer money supporting the National Guard units.
        I will alway keep this gun, and hopefully pass it down to my children. I am going to take the gunsmithing course that has been a subject of posts on this site. I have been a handloader for years, but never considered gunsmithing as a retirement income generator. I love my work in aviation, but I’m ready to move on to something that can let me work from my own home, and choose the work based on quality and craftsmanship not because I have to show up and punch a time clock.
        I figure my army retirement, social security, and 401K fund are sufficient for a very modest living, but since our FED RES funny money is almost useless due to inflation I knew I’d need some form of residual self generated income to continue.

    2. Lt Mike,
      Ride it like you stole it, because you did. A fine deal to say the lest. Sorry to hear that you friend has past. You two must’ve been tight to be worthy of such a deal.

  5. When my son graduated from college I gave him his own Rock Island Officers 45. Not only because they have been good guns (have a couple different models-great prices) but with him being half Filipino it was fitting. Some of his friends have even gotten a Rock Island gun because of using his at the range. So glad I started him shooting young and he still enjoys going out to shoot even with his old man.

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