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  1. Lol. Crypto “assets” are most certainly not “in your possession.” They require electricity, the internet and a computer to redeem. Not to mention a buyer, because you can’t trade a computer file for food.

  2. “(No State shall) make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in payment debts …” United States Constitution. Article 1; Section 10.

    Crypto currency, fiat dollars, it’s all the same. Show me the amendment that negated this clause in our Constitution please. If you don’t hold gold or silver or something of intrinsic value in your possession for barter when SHTF then you don’t have any chance for survival. I wouldn’t give a plugged pigs butt for any thing based on a computer network any more than I would for a fiat federal reserve debt note.

  3. Self Directed IRA’s are an amazing tool for investing for retirement and increasing wealth. I was able to retire at 56 with an income stream that matched my salary while I was working. My assets continue to grow, and remain in my control. It is great being able to invest in physical, tangible assets. I have not invested in cryptocurrency. While this article was a bit heavy on the promotional side, I would recommend finding a custodian that fits your investment goals and asset classes. Also, you can have more than one IRA and more than one custodian.

  4. Unfortunately and regrettably, this sounds way too much like an unvarnished advertisement camouflaged by some “facts.”

    I agree with the observations regarding “possession.” Not for me, thanks.

  5. So for ~$2000 you get an IRA LLC. The article is thin on the carrying costs for the IRA LLC. Who are these “Custodians” and how much do they charge per year?

  6. How does one “hold” digital data? In a grid down situation how does one pay for goods and services with crypto currency? Sounds like tulipmania to me.

  7. I spoke to Perpetual Assets–Gus–and was told the yearly cost for the custodian is ~$150. They use IRA Services Trust Company. In my state, there isn’t a carrying cost for a LLC. I have a real estate IRA and the yearly costs are much higher. To break even with a switch would take 7 years (this includes the $2000 set up fee for them to write up the documents).

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