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  1. “Off-Road SUVs and Trucks”

    The Raptor is a two-wheel drive road “safe” version of the dirt track racing truck. (Toyota Prerunner version of the Tacoma is another.) It’s not an off road vehicle except in suspension including clearances. It looks really cool. If they made it 4wd with front and rear lockers it would be worth having. Also the wishbone dual front axles sure do ride smooth and move lots of vehicles off the lot but the offroad limits can be frustrating. The term “truck” refers to frame type but has nothing at all to do ability. But mostly I’m just jealous ’cause I wants me one.

    1. Sorry Fred, you do not know what you are talking about. The Ford F-150 Raptor is the most capable factory made off road vehicle ever built. A factory equipped Raptor placed third in the Baha 1000, with zero modifications, when it first came out. The new truck is even better. I know, I built those monsters before I retired, from Ford.

      1. I guess I stand corrected, sort of. It apparently has some limited slip capability.

        “Unlike most normal trucks, which feature a 4WD mode that locks both axles together, the Raptor’s “4 Auto” mode uses a wet multi-plate clutch to distribute power between the front and rear axles as traction demands, just like an all-wheel drive system. So it allows for slip, even on pavement, meaning you can drive it anywhere without the binding and strange behavior of a locked 4WD system.” – Road and Track

        Because who needs ” binding and strange behavior” in Montana or in muddy conditions, or for an eastern woods truck, or rocky terrain, or up heavily foliaged hills?

        But it is a dry (desert) track system and I didn’t say It couldn’t run on dirt track. Baha is not off-road, it’s dirt track which is what I said it was made for, exactly.

  2. I hate to say it but driving that vehicle pictured on the lead to this article during a SHTF scenario has TARGET written all over it. You would be better off with a JWR recommended 1970s-80s 4WD with a dependable V8, carburetor aspired, points/condenser ignition, manual transmission, manual lockout hubs, and a live front axle. Oh, posi on the rear axle would also be nice.

  3. Fred….. You stand fully corrected. The raptor is very capable. Driven a few off road over the last several years and they exceeded every expectation I had.
    It’s way over built in every capacity.
    Nothing at all like a prerunner….

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