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    1. There is nothing to disable in the RFID chip. It doesn’t DO anything. It’s simply a unique circuit (like a serial number) that must be read by a device and then this reading now must be uploaded into a database with manually (or gps) input location data. There are NOT readers all over the roads tracking your tires. Your car or truck already has a license plate and your name is on your utility bill. THEY ALREADY KNOW WHERE YOU ARE. Ugh.

      Now, tracking your movements in a store or shopping center with the tags in your clothes is another matter.

      1. I agree. No one cares where you are, the chip has to be within feet of a detecting circuit to be recognized. this is a silly worry.

        I used to have a hat that still had the RFID chip in it. It was fun to walk into Walmart and have the exit alarm go off. I would feign ignorance and look around and since I was walking in the store greeter didn’t suspect me.

  1. Dirty Bomb Material
    The thieves may not know what they stole, but I think they’ll get very concerned, very quickly, when their hair starts falling out, and they get radiation burns on their bodies.
    Karma has a way to catch up to your actions.

    1. There was a case of someone stealing medical devices in a South American country some years back. They took it apart and were exposed to the radioactive material and soon after were found at the hospital. I think they died from the exposure.

  2. Concerning the “assault revolver”, the first version of the game “Clue” that I ever saw had a card, and a game piece, that looked like a .45 automatic, but it was called the “revolver”.

    Just FYI.

  3. “demand the RFID chips be disabled – as a condition of sale. This is also your right. The tire seller has every right to refuse, of course. But he cannot force you to buy the chipped tires.”

    Of course, if you need tires, what choice do you really have??

  4. If’n I turn in mys assault revolver to a buy-back, does I be getting extra monies from da popo for its high cap clip?

    Editors, thank you for a mild chuckle and a slow shake of my head. Good grief… who writes that stuff thinking somebody is going to believe it!

    Wait. This was California. Asked and answered.

  5. The radioactive sources were micro curie check sources that are harmless. Barely enough activity to see if your detectors are working properly. But they should not have left their equipment in their vehicle, those things are tens of thousands of dollars.

  6. When d’gubmint DE-defined marriage, I told my wife that people were going to start doing this kind of thing. I’m no professor, but the lack of common sense in this judgement would’ve been apparent to a dog! I read a story a while back where a woman in San Diego was permitted to marry the San Diego Santa Fe train station; NO JOKE! Google “Woman Marries Santa Fe Train Depot.”

    …When anything goes, everything goes…

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