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  1. This reminds me of of something I recently saw in New Mexico, they are now building “kid cages” at bus stops due to the risk of wolf attack. A smaller species of wolf has been reintroduced to the area and the parents are concerned about the risks. The parents lock their children in these cases and they remain there until the bus driver let’s them out.

  2. Locking the kids in cages is affirming in their minds that the gummint will protect them from all dangers. To say nothing abut them learning that’s it’s OK to be locked in cages. Very much similar to running to your safe space rather than confront the intruder with superior/any firepower.
    In No. Central Wash., same county as this human treeing occurred, (Okanogan) my neighbor has had a wolf from the “Lookout Pack” eyeing his house a number of times. We both border the NF. 3 wks. ago he was visited by not one but two mountain lions, at dusk, in his front yard, 10 ft from the house. One actually crouched and crept towards him in attack mode as he was watching over the burning of a pile of brush. And he wasn’t packing, (silly boy) saved by aggressive behavior and a dog…. Yeah, we need more wolves, and grizzles too, all well and good until some rock licker gets their butt in a pinch or their weenie little blender mutt taken for lunch, then the gov will have to do something drastic, cause they’re just to aggressive. Maybe sending them to re-education camps will help…..

  3. While its minor compared to either a mountain lion or a wolfpack, I have a new problem this summer, an almost completely black skunk. Wouldn’t be much of a problem except that we have several all black cats. The skunk has gotten to within ten feet of me three times at night before I can see the difference in shape. Sooner or later I’m going to get sprayed. And of course, I only see him at night.

  4. Just another example of the whirlwind you reap by throwing the borders open to foreign predators (1).

    But seriously, we’re all aware the gubment, via IDFG around here, intentionally injected these dangerous animals into “non-native” areas back in 1995 to spread disease (2), kill livestock and generally harass us crazy Bible thumpin’, gun huggin’, prepper/ homesteader types.

    Up in our neck of the woods we practice the time honored and eminently practical S3 Method:

    Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up.

    (1) https://idfg.idaho.gov/question/there-difference-between-idaho-grey-wolf-and-northern-canadian-wolf

    (2) http://www.nrcresearchpress.com/doi/10.1139/cjz-2016-0017#.W09JTSh7BsQ

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