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  1. I’m having a ’51 Ford F3 pick up restored at the moment. probably finally be done this month. Be ready to spend a lot of money, more than I ever figured. But, when done you have a vehicle that won’t be worth less every year, done right it should increase in value.

  2. I guess I don’t understand the lure of a ‘fully restored’ old vehicle. Key here is ‘fully restored.’

    Why would you make show car out of your ‘armageddon cruiser’ or ‘bug-out vehicle?’ why not clean it up, make targeted repairs/renovations to the uncool parts, the engine, tranny, differentials, brakes, suspension, and move on with your preps?

    A shiny, sexy resto-mod ’68 Bronco is going to be a target in the AFTER. Seems like a violation of all reasonable opsec protocols. Spiff up a beater, make sure the critical pieces are strong and durable, and use it to go camping, not to the classic auto shows.

    Just my observations on the subject.

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