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  1. Interesting article and some ideas, but ,being an old fart and stuck in my ways. I still prefer my 1911. But I have moved on in one way, I recently picked up a S.F Armory compact in a 9 mm. It really rides so nice IWB.

  2. Jim, Thanks for the heads up on the P320 Sig. My number one son has one in his rather large (huge) gun safe I don’t know how I remembered that he had it:) and we were unaware of the voluntary recall for repair so I text him the info along with your link to Sig.

  3. How long before some one starts selling rifles which take the Trigger Modular after all the mag does not have to fit into the Trigger Modular.
    If some one wants to get into the business of making guns but does not want all the paper work this is the way to do it.
    How about a lower which takes AR 15/10 uppers? Or a bolt action, may be a shotgun in fact it could be anything.

  4. For $99 Sig also sells a P320 air pistol. They are great for training – same weight, same trigger and the slide moves to disturb your sight picture. If 9mm is $0.15 a practice round I will have saved about $1,500 by the end of the year.

  5. A couple of thoughts.

    I would start the 2nd wave of automatics with the M1911 introducing ergonomic and practical pistols, and the third wave with the P38 as the first effective double action full power pistol.

    I think the VP70 gets a bad shake for its trigger. I have one, and yes, its trigger pull is different, but I don’t find it that bad. The sights work in the conditions I have shot it so far, but there may be lighting conditions I haven’t tried where they could be a challenge.

    Finally, I did buy a used SIG p320, and so far like it, although I have only put about 150 rounds through it. I do question the idea of buying accessories to change the frame size, barrel length, etc vs buying another gun. Mine cost $405, which is less than some of the caliber exchange kits I have seen.

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