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  1. Some people have left the workforce since it’s much easier to receive a government check than actually work. I do not know if the “official” report cited above counts them, but NY does not consider welfare recipients as unemployed.

  2. Re water: In the 1970s, the nationwide average water use inside the residence was some 40 gallons per person per day, incuding washing machines and dishwashers. In Austin, Texas, in the 1980s in summer, the city water treatment plant treated up to 500 gallons per person per day.

    Given California’s problems with drouth, the 55-gallon limit is not irrational.

    Re unemployment: The published number of unemployed is known as U-3. U-6 includes those who have given up; no job but not included in U-3. U-6 would add around 6% or so, making the better-defined unemployed as some 10%.

    John Williams of http://www.shadowstats.com calculates unemployment as it was done in the 1930s, arriving at some 23%. His method includes under-employed, part-time and those who never were eligible for unemployment compensation.

  3. I wonder how demographics impact the labor participation rate?

    Back when unemployment was higher I had an older friend who was unemployed. He was collecting a Navy retirement and a civil service retirement. After retiring from civil service he had worked as a government contractor doing major pump repair and overhaul as there was a shortage of skilled mechanics for his particular specialty. The job was initially supposed to be part time and he had wanted it that way but it morphed into full time as there was a lot of work. Then for whatever reason the work dried up and he was unemployed and one of the statistics. His intent was to collect his unemployment insurance until it ran out and then finally really retire. I think he was pushing 70.

    I bring him up because I think there are a number of older people who were right on the edge regarding retirement and are now finally really retiring. I know there are others who really need work and can’t find it as well but I think with the aging of Boomers a lower labor participation rate is to be expected at least for a while.

  4. Grid Down Signalling and Recon: Sky Lanterns
    (YouTube Video)
    Canadian Prepper
    Published on Jun 3, 2018
    Duration 6:13

    *Please try to avoid stating the obvious about fire risks, obviously thats a factor as mentioned in the video, but there are many situations where it would not be. You gotta think outside the box. There is a reason why these were used thousands of years ago.’

    “In this video I throw out the idea of sky lanterns as a primitive mode of comms, signalling and recon in a grid down situaton.”

  5. Last I saw, there were still 94M people listed as not in the work force. That number has been fairly static since around 2010 iirc.

    Unemployment numbers are political figures. One side, shows it high, one says its low. Its all funny math these days.

  6. Unemployment:
    96 million unemployed – total population of the US, 326 million…
    That’s roughly one out of three people…
    one – out – of – three – with – no – job.
    The ratio is probably even worse, since the total population includes children and adults who can’t work. I assume the unemployment figure only counts adults who could work.
    I sure am glad we have millions of illegals pouring in to do the “work Americans won’t do.”

  7. Water: we live in Capetown South Africa and got used to living with 50 liters or less per person per day. We have lived for three years with rationed drinking water. We have learned our lesson and can now get by on very little. This water situation made me increase our prepping on all fronts and we are better prepared than most people around us. We have increased our storage capacity and can go for six months with out an outside water source. We usually get winter rains and right now it is manna from heaven. Be prepared! It can happen to any city!

    GSM SIM card: We have had similar laws here in South Africa requiring every SIM card to be registered to the user id. It is called RICA (regulation of interception of communications) But like all laws it is very easily circumvented. You can buy a pre- rica’d SIM card from any Pakistani cell phone shop anywhere in South Africa for a few coins. BTW, somebody posted the original database of all registered phones online and it is now there with all your details!,
    We also have FICA (Financial intelligence centre Act). Which translates to: The government wants to know who’s money is in every bank account and where does it come from and where does it go.
    This is part of a broader international system called FAFT (Financial action task force). Primary to combat money laundering and terrorism financing……. And to collect taxes!

    Welcome to a changed world.

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