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  1. Wouldn’t be surprised if we see a sharp rise in prices of rare earth mineral production and mining stocks. When taken in the context of Trump’s Section 301 investigation of China’s IP practices and his attempt to balance our trade (which the MSM is branding as a “trade war”), tightening the supply of this crucial material seems a likely move for China. Australian REM miners in particular might benefit from a tightening by China. This could result in an excellent opportunity for investors.


  2. The perspective on tangibles and inflation risk from France was short but basically ‘said it all’. Interesting they view the US as most at risk.

  3. Free money for everyone? Hard work is what has driven our economy from the beginning.
    We need infrastructure repair. Pay people to pick up a shovel, build a new emp proof transformer etc.
    When we were young our parents told us, ” you will appreciate it and take care of it if you work and save for it.” Plug in whatever you remember in it. I my used JC Higgins single shot 22 that I purchased for 8.00. I did get a little help from my Mother in 1965 but I still have that rifle.

    My Wife remembers her Mother receiving assistance in the 1960s. She remembers a bag of flour, and one whole chicken in a can. Yum chicken and dumplings. We were much smarter before socialism!

    I have to prep for my colonoscopy so I will be thinking of flushing Karl Marx all day.

    God bless

  4. I see the trade deficit building every time I go past our seaport: 3000 shipping containers per vessel coming to the cranes for unloading to take US dollars for payment while pitifully few shipping containers get loaded leaving our ports to sell overseas.

    Bring on the Trade War. At least we can clearly use our economic capability to win this one. I’m glad to see Cohn quit/fired. No place for the wimpy here. Both my kids and I fought in AFGN and IRAQ. Trade wars are far better.

    God bless you all .

  5. Counter Narcotics efforts? We invaded because opium production was eliminated,plus we wanted to build a pipeline. Ask anyone who was there the major efforts were to protect the poppies from the locals(guard duty at a field of flowers was routine). Afghanistan,where empires go to die,read Kipling before you send your kids.

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