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  1. Or Trump loses re-election and they all go back into the woodwork like anti-war protesters when Obama won.
    Will he lose? I don’t know. Will they hold out another 3 years before escalating to the levels of violence you described? I don’t know.
    If Trump does win re-election (or perhaps Republicans manage to hold both the House and Senate under a Democrat president) then I think what you described here is very likely.

  2. You did not include the anti-antifa lone wolf’s who will go after antifa members individually. What might the government response be when those attacks are initiated?

  3. Whoever might attempt this should make the anti-antifa “attacks” so low-keyed, that the Gooberment won’t be put on alert enough to want to do anything, other than local police action…..
    Who’s to say that a “drug deal” gone bad, or a midnight alley robbery, a home assault…..aren’t just low-key and individual, and not part of a “conspiracy”.

    But first, the anti-antifas will need to make list of those in the antifa movement. Don’t attack the innocent (as the po-po do from time to time). Select your target. Find out their habits, find peculiarities that might make them vulnerable. Exploit those vulnerabilities. Have a backup plan “B”.
    I leave the rest “as an exercise for the student”.

    1. So let me get this straight: you’re advocating making “lists” of enemies of your state, surveilling them, ambushing them, assaulting them, assasinating them, and commiting home invasions, presumably when their wives and children are present, and doing so in such a manner as to frame the crime on someone else?
      Please, tell me more about how you value our founders principles like equal protection and due process.
      With friends like you sir, one hardly needs enemies.

  4. JWR: Good info, thanks. My world view comes from 2 decades with TS-SCI inside the same community you came from. Had I been Army (I was not) I’d have been a 98G/98C SIGINTer; linguist & analyst. I was the first one in my target language for my service component. I would add to your article the following thoughts: all of the progressive leftist groups, antifa, BLM, Occupy, ad nauseum are the products of George Soros’ funding and there is a very high probability that the current crop of agitators are honing their TTPs with the assistance of org’s like the IRGC. IRGC trained Iraqi terror cells and others in the manufacture and employment of EFPs and other insurgency techniques. I also expect them to provide material assistance in the way of tactical training and small arms when the leftist finally go kinetic. Asymmetrical warfare is the future of left v right in my opinion.

  5. It should be noted that the Anti-Fa got their foothold in Washington State . Washington state is very much a trend state. There are trend trend states in the nation. They are Washington , Colorado and California . Keep in mind trends start at the bottom up and fads start at the top down . We here in Washington State have been dealing with “white privilege ” for over five years .
    Right now there is a movement afoot in Seattle to deprive white males of property and or life . Much along the template of South Africa . Before you laugh the hostage taking proposed was at EverGreen State College in Olympia Washington, just two months ago . Pot has been “legal” here for over a decade . We had medic one vans 15 years before the rest of the world knew about it . And company’s had their start here like , Amazon , Microsoft , Boeing , UPS , StarBucks , Costco . So beware and prepare because the far left statements you hear about from Washington state will be tomorrow’s reality.

  6. curious, assuming the electronics system is down for paying bills, would it not also be down for communications between groups and if so, why bother making the payment at all, since the organization cannot contact you electronically to send you past due notices, and we assume there won’t be any mail delivery anyway?? Go ahead and buy that new truck on a 7 year loan.

  7. Mr. Rawles:
    I have enjoyed your website and books for years. I have been a “prepper” since the 1970’s when it was simply called “survivalism”. Your recent Anti-Fa article and the current DC circus prompt me to write. Many home-schoolers out there are familiar with the writings of G.A. Henty, an excellent Victorian age author of youth-aimed historical adventure novels. I had my children read these growing up, and I still enjoy re-reading them, as they are far superior and more informative than most current drivel that is served up for young people to read. Most stories involve a young boy growing up to be a real man (and a gentleman) by pluck, daring, wits, and bravery, unconstrained by modern repressive feminist-influenced social pressures. I began “True To The Old Flag” recently. It contains an adventure, and history of the American War of Independence, but from the different viewpoint of a group of American loyalists. Some of it at the beginning is almost chilling in its parallel to today’s divisions regarding freedom, central government, and various attitudes toward certain events and people. It also is very much like some of your novels, in the tales of scouting and frontier warfare that are detailed. WARNING! this book is not politically correct! It reflects a British 1885 attitude toward history. History may sometimes be inconvenient or embarrassing, but it should not be revised or burned, or we can’t learn a thing from it. I recommend G. A. Henty novels for home-schoolers and anyone interested in the subjects this blog deals with.

    “If you set out to drain the swamp, don’t expect the alligators, swamp rats, and snakes to be happy about it”

  8. While cyber warfare is within reach of modern domestic terror groups, a Tactical EMP weapon is pretty difficult to build, especially one that you want to use twice. Its easier to attack a sub-station with rifles and Molotov Cocktails than to kill it via the Internet. KISS works for both sides.

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