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  1. When the bomb car finally exploded I couldn’t help thinking about what would have happened to the tank if it had gone off while they were driving over it. Concussion alone would’ve made soup of the crew. I was in the Middle East multiple times in the 80’s & 90’s and heard a great many US and allied troops belittle the professionalism and bravery of Arab troops. Never heard it from Israelis mind you, there were at least 2 (TC & Driver) maybe 5 very BRAVE men in that M60.

  2. That auto glove is humorous. It’s probably already illegal in California just like the Binary triggers, Slide Fire Stocks and the old “BMF Activator”.
    That would be buckets of fun on something belt fed for someone on a less than NFA budget or in non NFA friendly states.

  3. Not trying to start a fight, though I’m sure it will, but the reasons behind the Military and transgender decision are as follows:
    The military comes down to readiness. Are you deployable? Can you maintain readiness even with out the supply of meds if deployed forward? Are the expenses of the surgeries, the taxpayer is footing, making the military stronger and more efficient? Can you be deployed without extra mental health care? Is the overall funding and execution of this making the military stronger?
    Does this action build unit cohesiveness?
    The answers are a clear NO in the MAJORITY of the cases so the choice was made.
    There are lots of opinions on the matter but these are the questions used to make the case.
    Patriotism nor bravery is not in question, feelings are not considered and gender choices are not in consideration.

  4. Re: No TransSexuals in the military, good for Trump.

    He’s showing the same good leadership here he does when he gets the frack out of the way and lets the seasoned and practiced combat leaders do their work on the battlefield un-micromanaged.
    He trusts their experience and hard won insight. And they quite overwhelmingly say that this life is by its nature not appropriate for “special” folks.

    The issue isn’t whether you’re “trapped” in the wrong sex; heck, go and use modern technology to reallocate your anatomy any way you “feel” it should be. But understand the military is a very different kind of society that is designed to change you into a soldier. Voluntarily. To defend and preserve our way of life. Not get your plumbing rearranged on Uncle Sam’s dime.

    You give up a lot and agree to a lot more when you make that decision. No snowflake self-entitlement, no “I” in team and all that.

    My dear boot camp company commander’s two favorite phrases used to be “We work for the democracy but we aren’t a democracy” and “Nobody made you sign that paper.”

  5. Reguarding gays, and transgenders in the military. Most of the difficulty of having openly gay, and transgenders is it breeds discontent and distractions among the ranks. Even in some branches where situations cant be made available for women like in field operations, Latrine and female protection becomes a big issue. Combat units should not have the extra encomberence of adding extra gear just for the females in a force, when packing extra gear for a single female in a combat unit, would take up the space of severl hundreds of rounds of ammo, and rations for a normal male combat squad, or platoon. Women need extra billiting, latrine, and bathing facilities, Most men do not want to have to provide the labor or efforts to care for their female counterparts. So add the extra burden of gays, and transgenders, what a waste of money, resources, man power. When Dealing with men, you give an order, an NCO, or officer expects that order to be obeyed, When a female is introduced into the fray, It is a continuous effort to be courtious, gentile, and protective, weather we say it or not, adding other genders into a combant roll is a huge waste of our military combat funds. Openly gay and transgenders, also deliberately create negative reactions from their straight counterparts, causing, discontent and anger from the good solder wanting to do their job without angst and distractions of selfish people deliberately seeking negative attention…. I speak from the experience of an NCO back in the 60’s and 70’s when that behavior was not acceptable in the military. Most Soldiers would have rather the gay, or transgender were placed on point. Draw your own conclusion. Distractions and contentions don’t belong in the military. especially over sexual issues.

  6. On the transgender issue: I also heard it reported that the military has the largest population of transgender employees in the US! So it seems that the trannies have been flocking to the military. Am in agreement with the others here. The military is no place for this “diversity.” I’m sure morale will be much better too when they’re gone. Anyone ask the military guys how they feel? No I didn’t think so.

  7. Re: No TransSexuals

    First of all I don’t care what you do or what you are, but if you believe in the Good Book, you must recognize that engaging in transgender actions and those associated with being gay are contrary to its teachings. Are you an especially bad person doing these things…no! You’re just a sinner like the rest of us. But to nationally embrace the idea that these actions must be recognized as the norm is morally wrong. The bible has examples of what happens to societies that went down this road. I wish our religious leaders would grow a pair and speak out.
    Secondly, as a 20 year Army vet (officer) having gays and transgenders in your outfit would break down the moral and cohesion of a unit. An Army unit must act as one, not a free-for-all of individuals who do what they want. It’s also based on trust and knowing what is right and wrong. As a company commander I had a soldier try to get out of the Army by saying he was gay. He changed his mind when I told him I had to catch him in the act of being gay. We inherently know that these actions are not appropriate, especially in the military. I’m not a bible thumper or do I support everything our president does…but on this point he has my support.

  8. janie,
    “On the transgender issue: I also heard it reported that the military has the largest population of transgender employees in the US!”
    Really? Not to belittle what you heard, but I’m wondering where those who “reported” that information, got their information? Did they actually “count noses”, or did they use statistics and extrapolation?
    I heard something similar the other day as well, to the effect that there were approximately 6,000 (or was it 60,000?) trannies in the US military. But that figure was derived from statistics and extrapolation. If you were to go through and “count noses”, I would be surprised if there are even 60 trannies serving in the armed forces today.

    1. Deplorable B: I’m not sure where I heard it now. Some news source. But you’re right. Statistics usually prove whatever the reporter wants them to. But I can see this being a reality. Many years ago when I worked for the govt. I remember there were lots of gays there simply because they could work there without fear of being fired if they were outed. If the trannies know they can be in the military safely then it would make sense that they would go there.

  9. Re: The AutoGlove. Not ready for prime time, seems to me. Instead, I encourage shooters to give serious consideration to making good use of the bump-fire stocks. If put together correctly, a bump-fire AR can be even BETTER than a true select-fire AR — because switching back and forth between fire modes involves only moving the finger back and forth from trigger to “bump bar.” I have built several of these which function flawlessly, and are easily held on target during full auto fire. Here is my recipe: SlideFire SAR-15 stock; Tubbs recoil spring (greatly enhances function); H1 or H2 buffer (gives 800+ RPM); Sharps balanced bolt carrier group; 16″ barrel at carbine gas length, preferably HBAR, and nitrided or chrome lined (carbide length gas system is VERY important — lesser gas pressure degrades function); TAC CON 241 trigger (assisted reset, made for fast firing); any good vertical fore-grip; and Precision Armament Severe Duty Compensator (or any other of the optimum function compensators — see any compensator review). The above works beautifully to combine robust feeding and extraction/ejection with compensation braking to give control during bump-firing.

  10. Regarding the “TG” ban, despite the CIC’s declaration, HQDA has not changed their policy and is still requiring Soldiers to participate in “transgender” training.

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