Letter Re: Constitutional Carry


I noted the entry in SurvivalBlog.com today about Idaho seeking passage of a “Constitutional Carry” bill. Here in West Virginia, with great grassroots mail, email, and phone support, as well as attendance at the capitol in Charleston, a similar bill passed last year in both the House and Senate, only to be vetoed by the governor in the final week of the legislative session, leaving “no time” to override the veto. This year the measure got an earlier start, and hopefully we will get it passed and manage to override the promised veto in time for the end of the yearly session, which is only three months in this state.

I thought that maybe the blog readers, particularly those in states trying to get similar measures passed, might be interested in the WV experience. As noted, we’re still not there. (Note: the Charlestown WV Gazette is a left-leaning paper. Sometimes it manages to “overlook” reporting on such things.) – TD in WV