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22 Signs That The Global Economic Turmoil We Have Seen So Far In 2016 Is Just The Beginning – Sent in by B.B.

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Four of the Largest Wall Street Banks Hit 12-Month Lows Last Week – D.S.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

Grantham: The Stock Market Sell-Off Makes Me Nervous, But I Fear the Big Crash is Coming (Business Insider) Excerpt: “I still believe that, with the help of the Fed and its allies, the U.S. market will rally once again to become a fully-fledged bubble before it breaks.”

The Opaque Process of Collapse (The Daily Reckoning) Excerpt: “This is a tough assignment, as there are as many kinds of collapse as there are systems: fragile ones can collapse suddenly, and resilient ones can decay for years or even decades before finally imploding or withering away.”

International News

These Vancouver Homes Sold for Millions in 2011 and Have Been Vacant and Rotting Since: Here’s Why (Zero Hedge) Excerpt: “The two formerly multi-million mansions devolving to derelict status is not the only thing they share in common: a second uniting feature is what they were meant to become once they were purchased half a decade ago – a store of wealth to Chinese investors eager to park “hot money” outside of their native country, and bid up any Canadian real estate they could get their hands on. And then the investors disappeared.”

Chinese Investors Spent $8.6B to Purchase US Commercial Real Estate Assets in 2015 (Realty Today) Excerpt: “Most of China’s investments in the United States are focused on the warehouse sector, especially in 2015. However, there were purchases of other properties, like Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and Standard Oil Building in San Francisco, California last year.”

A Badly Wounded Deutsche Bank Lashes Out at Central Bankers: Stop Easing, You are Crushing Us (Zero Hedge) Excerpt: “In other words, we have reached that fork in the road within the monetary twilight zone, where Europe’s largest bank is openly defying central bank policy and demanding an end to easy money. Alas, since tighter monetary policy assures just as much if not more pain, one can’t help but wonder just how the central banks get themselves out of this particular trap they set up for themselves.”

Deutsche Bank Must Face US Lawsuit Over $3.1B Mortgage Loss (Reuters) Excerpt: “Deutsche Bank AG must face a U.S. lawsuit seeking to hold it liable for causing $3.1 billion of investor losses by failing to properly monitor 10 trusts backed by toxic residential mortgages….”

Venezuela is On the Brink of Complete Economic Collapse (The Independent) Excerpt: “The only question now is whether Venezuela’s government or economy will completely collapse first. The key word there is ‘completely’.”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

5 Excuses Keeping You From Being Debt Free (Denver Channel) Excerpt: “Your beliefs are often what guide you, and if you’re carrying around problematic ones, you’ll have a much harder time getting debt-free. Here are five excuses that could be keeping you in the red.” Read on.

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