Information For Those Receiving Security Warnings When Visiting SurvivalBlog:

SurvivalBlog has enabled an SSL certificate on the domain “”. The Certificate was issued by COMODO RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA and has these fingerprints:

  • SHA-256 – 00:EE:D5:A4:2F:FE:45:2B:10:1E:33:FE:94:AE:
  • SHA1 – 1B:64:54:33:C5:C1:D9:8A:26:EE:B5:06:91:5E:71:09:9F:8E:62:70

There are a few reasons that warnings may be issued:

  • Because of the way that WordPress works, there tends to be “Mixed Content” on each page,
  • The server our hosting provider currently uses is an older server that uses some deprecated methods of encryption,
  • Some older browsers don’t recognize COMODO as a valid SSL issuer.

If you are receiving a warning on your browser, you can usually temporarily accept the certificate and then view information about it by clicking on the symbol next to the URL in your browser. If the fingerprints match those listed above, you can tell your browser to accept this certificate. We are working to clean the database up for hard coded, insecure links and we are asking our hosting provider to update the server to remove old, deprecated encryption methods. Remember, SurvivalBlog does not collect and save information from our readers and the content is open and available to anyone.