Economics and Investing:

“Unprecedented Demand” – US Mint Sells Nearly As Much Gold On First Day Of 2016 As All Of January 2015 – G.G.

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Shipping Said to Have Ceased… Is the Worldwide Economy Grinding to a Halt? – B.B.

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Items from Professor Preponomics:

US News

More Trouble Ahead for US Oil Industry (Houston Chronicle) Excerpt: “The tentacles of the energy sector run deeper in the US economy than most understand…”

Why Sugar, Once a Big Business in Hawaii, is Disappearing (Christian Science Monitor) Excerpt: “The company hopes to shield itself from the vulnerability of a single crop market by pursuing a ‘diversified agricultural model’…”

International News

As Canada’s Economic Engine Stalls, Can Other Industries Pick Up the Slack? (The Globe and Mail) Excerpt: “Since the Great Recession, Canada has relied on two key elements to keep its economy humming: oil and real estate. But after a rough start to 2016 that dealt fresh blows to the beleaguered energy segment, the big question is whether other industries can power the Canadian economy through an extended resource slump – and whether debt-laden Canadian consumers can still be counted on to be part of the solution.”

Saudi Aramco: Sale of the Century? (The Economist) Excerpt: ““THE amounts of oil are incredible, and I have to rub my eyes frequently and say like the farmer: ‘There ain’t no such beast.’” So wrote an American oilman in the Persian Gulf a few years after the discovery in 1938 of a gusher of oil from Saudi Arabia’s Well Number Seven, 4,727 feet (1,440 metres) below the desert floor.”

Timeline: How the Global Economy Played Out in 2015(Visual Capitalist) Excerpt: “It’s hard to say where markets will turn in 2016, but for now it will continue to be much of the same volatility until the picture becomes clearer.”

Personal Economics and Household Finance

5 Traits of Fulfilled People (Dave Ramsey) Excerpt: “They’re those people who are always cheerful and smiling. They’re the ones who rarely complain, and everything they touch seems to turn to gold. They’re successful yet humble, influential yet compassionate. And the thing is, that’s who they really are! What you see is what you get, in public or behind closed doors.”

9 Ways Plain Mennonites Save Money (Just Plain Marie) Excerpt from Marie’s “About Page”: “I am supposed to say here that ‘I know not everyone can do this …’ but that would be a lot of hogwash. If this is what you want to do, you can do it.”

How to Save More Money: Rethink Your Spending (Clark Howard) Excerpt: “The wonderful thing about personal finance is that it’s really quite simple.”