Seven Survival Tips For the Modern Feminist- Take II, by J


Following-up to a previous article submitted with the same base title, I decided to continue the discussion. The modern feminist is a hindrance to survival and preparedness in our society. This essay is much harsher and more straight-forward than the last, because frankly there is no time to waste. It does no service to a hard-core feminist to be soft spoken and patient now, especially knowing that she needs to hear the cold, hard truth!

With the recent graduation of two female Rangers, this country has quickly propelled itself towards a full-speed push for women in combat. Who is behind this push? WOMEN! The hard-core feminists and the men they push around are now exposing more American women to combat. Ironically, women are encouraging other women to fight and die in combat. The feminist agenda is coming to fruition. They are finally getting what they want, equality. What does this mean for those who are currently seeking ways to survive and prepare for the unexpected? It means that men have already bought into the feminist ideology and these particular neighbors, co-workers, et cetera will be useless if the need arises to protect women and children. It means that the massive numbers of Americans who accept political correctness, supporting these extreme women’s rights, will not be prepared to activate common sense survival skills in the worst case scenario. They suffer from a mental disorder, you could say, that needs appropriate therapy– reality!

Modern feminists are behind some of the worst aspects of our society: abortion, gender equality, feminizing boys, and now a complete vision for women in combat. More frightening is that many men are not willing to or not interested in resisting and correcting these hateful women. Essentially, we’ve given over and allowed these “sick” feminists to have exactly what they want, like spoiled brats in a candy store. Their incessant nagging and harassment has produced quick results; a large, brainwashed populace no longer comprehends the natural roles of men and women. This causes instability when a society or small community is under duress, due to some unforeseen event. Perhaps large numbers of men will not immediately stand up to defend those who are weaker because they may no longer understand the skills and equipment necessary to do so. After all, feminist women don’t like anything that makes them uncomfortable, including aggressive, defensive postures or (“God forbid”) guns! Furthermore, women in our society who have adopted this feminist ideology will be stark raving mad in emergency scenarios and may quickly become a liability to the community. Moreover, they won’t be able to rely on intimidating those who “trigger” their anxieties any longer. Their dark magic won’t have the same effect on those who might have given them the time of day before. They won’t have a leg to stand on. It is going to get ugly!

Feminists will be a problem if we go dark, and the men who support the feminist ideology will also be a problem. Women who have already decided to run a household by overpowering their man or oppressing their male co-workers will be the main liabilities. These are the type of women who care nothing about natural roles and will do anything to get what they want. In an extreme large-scale emergency, they will not know how to handle themselves and may become unstable. Their foundation of truth is warped and their morals are frayed. Think about how many of your neighbors would vote for a female president or encourage their daughters to fight in combat to support equality and political correctness. Think about how many men have encouraged their girlfriends, wives, and daughters to have an abortion because the baby would mess up their lives. (We all know that women are not meant to have babies; they are uniquely designed to make a large income and live like bachelors.) A feminist wants to have her cake and eat it too, but a feminist won’t be eating any cake if she is desperate for someone to come to her defense.

There is the rare feminist who might have had exposure to a wise teacher or loving grandfather, or who taps into the glimpses of childhood TV series that encouraged the natural role of women. These feminists are not a lost hope. They may come to their senses quickly and confess that Grandpa was right all along. However, this may not be the case for those who are one generation removed from common sense, raised on “MTV”, and ushered through the public school and university system, living as full-fledged feminists.

We have surely dug ourselves into a pit in this country, and witnessing this slow train wreck is horrifying. What do we do about this pandemic feminist-disorder complex that is taking over the brains of the masses? We prepare and try to warn those who will listen. Most will hate you more for suggesting this subject to them, but there may come a day that they will beg for your forgiveness and realize you actually care about them. When they need food, water, shelter, or protection in the future, they will realize their error, quickly coming to their senses or else find themselves in a heap of trouble. The following information is a simplified list of seven survival tips for the modern feminist. Also, for those living with a hard-core feminist, there’s a brief note on how to persevere.

Seven Survival Tips for the Modern Feminist

1. Snap out of it!

Do yourself a favor and stop this common sense lobotomy you’ve signed up for. Come out of la-la land. Time is “a wasting”. If you don’t stop acting like an idiot now, your life truly may be at stake in the future. You need to come to your senses and realize that men and women were created with very different physical and mental traits. These traits are essential to the survival of a couple and family, especially under duress. Understanding and nourishing these traits will mean the difference between misery and success, if the day comes that you need to fulfill the role of a woman. So get over yourself and start accepting that you are a woman. Stop following the herd. Stop buying the liberal propaganda machine’s brain numbing agenda, and start thinking for yourself. You know deep down you are wrong! Confess, ask for forgiveness, and start doing the right thing with your life.

2. Stop killing your children!

Abortion is outright evil. You must stop participating in one of the most immoral acts in human history. Children are a blessing. They are not a curse. Having children and raising them will mature you and make you realize what is most important in life. As a mother, you will stop hating everyone else and start loving your own. Do not abort your children; carry them to term. Either put them up for adoption, if you are simply unwilling to raise your child, or find it in your heart to care for your own DNA. If you have had abortions and you are wrought with guilt, then confess, repent, seek God for forgiveness, and move forward. Redemption is a miracle, and it is freely available to all.

3. Stop hating!

Hate will eat you up inside, make you ill, and even bring death, like a sickness that devours us from the inside. Your hatred of others is rooted most likely in a hatred of what is dark within yourself. Bring this into the light, repent, and stop hurting those around you. Be forewarned, people will not forget what you have done, and when times get tough they may not be willing to help you. You must realize the effect you have on others. It is a caustic, putrid influence that is long-lasting and has permanent consequences. Change your ways, and learn what it means to “love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matt 22:39)

4. Find a woman who is not a feminist and humbly ask her for help in transitioning.

Going from feminist to recovering feminist can be an agonizing process. We all need help when leaving something that is evil. We need someone to encourage us and teach us what is right and wrong. A good, patient, and non-judgmental mentor will be your greatest ally. Do it now! Wait another day and you will be sorry. I’ll bet any heartfelt and genuine woman, who is not a feminist, would love to help another woman find freedom. Find someone who has an understanding of what it truly means to be a female. Find someone who will hurt for you and weep with you as you expose what feminism has done in your life. Feminism is behind some of the most egregious sins of our time. Find someone who understands this and will help you leave the ideology.

5. Stop taking pharmaceuticals to alter your mood or hormones (suppressing your natural cycle and brain activity).

I am not a medical professional, so seek help in how to go about this. This is not medical advice, and there are serious dangers in coming off these, so do not do this alone. The longer you stay on these drugs, the more addicted you will be and the harder it will be to get off. Also, know this: life is good lived in reality. Don’t try to live in a virtual reality because one day you may not have a choice. Suppressing your natural cycle is not going to be possible if you don’t have access to medication in the case of an emergency. Try to find a way to live in your natural state. This means limiting what type of pharmaceuticals you rely on to keep you even-keeled and highly functional.

6. Find a good man to take care of you and provide for you.

Many feminists are forever single or lean homosexual. This is not a bashing of either lifestyle, but it is helpful to go through life with someone who cares deeply for you, complements you naturally, and can physically protect you. A man who understands survival, hunting, construction, and his role as a compassionate leader will be an incredible asset if times get tough. Find someone who will forgive you when you fall off the wagon and lash out in a feminist tirade, demanding to be obeyed. Find someone who understands that you are trying to leave your old ways behind and begin anew. Find a good man, and then serve him well. Love him and respect him like your future depends on it.

7. Finally, this wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that you didn’t make yourself.

You, the splendid creation you are, did not come out of nothingness; you were created! There is a Creator! Objective truth exists. You have thoughts that are your own, and you are not simply a bundle of electric impulses and atoms. Seek out the living God, who exists in three parts– the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus was not just a nice guy; “He suffered death and was buried. On the third day He rose again, in accordance with the scriptures.” Take this seriously! Truly, your afterlife depends on it! There is something more to this life, and we have a way out of sin and depravity if we will only humble ourselves and seek truth!

It’s a bit harsh I know, but this is the truth, and “the truth shall set you free.” (Rom 8:2) Take it or leave it, but if you are one of the hard-core feminists forcing your way through life thinking you don’t need a man, think again. Women need men! Women are made to compliment and help men, not to hurt them and break them down into nonexistence. Women have done so much damage to the men in this country. The hateful feminist agenda is horribly frightening, and this is trouble for a country in survival mode.

Are you a man married to a feminist? Hang in there. Your most powerful ally is prayer. It is my hope that all feminists married to a good man finally come to realize, through their own volition (hopefully not by force or tragic circumstance) that they have been wrong all along and repent. It is my hope that these women come to their senses, turning back to embrace who they really are– gifted, beautiful, powerful, and naturally designed to be a woman.

The truth hurts. Do something about it!