Letter: Good Samaritan Bag


I was getting together some clothes that I don’t wear anymore (amazing how they seem to shrink just hanging in my closet) to donate to Salvation Army and had a mini-inspiration. In my car I carry my Get Home Bag, first aid kit, a case of water, my EDC, a tool kit, some spare parts, tarps, and blankets. In other words, all the things a good prepper should have on hand. Then I got to thinking, what about emergencies that are less than TEOTWAWKI?

Specifically, what if you come across an accident, someone who is lost and wet or freezing, or any other number of possible situations. Sure you can wrap them in a blanket and give them water, but what else would you ideally like to have?

I decided to take an old AWOL bag and put some assorted clothes, such as sweat pants and sweat shirts in a couple of different sizes, stocking caps, socks, and towels in it to keep in the trunk, just in case. I put each set of clothing in its own gallon zip lock bag and threw in a quarter of a dryer sheet, to keep it fresh smelling. I also added a couple of small teddy bears, just in case a small child needed some comfort.

I’m trying to come up with a name; I am thinking of calling it the Samaritan Bag. I’d appreciate hearing from other readers about what they think of the idea, what they would but in a bag, and if they have any suggestions for a name. – B.F.