Letter: Good Idea for BOB Water


I thought I’d seen it all. Well, at my age I have seen most of it, but it’s not often I see a prep idea I haven’t seen before AND that makes this much sense.


Access to water is one of the very top preps. Many places you will see an outside water faucet (aka hose bib or sillcock). But the owner has removed the handle so only he can use it. It’s a deep hole and very difficult to manipulate without the proper handle or tool, which is by design. Enter the 4-way Sillcock Key.

It’s $8.50 from Amazon. Your local hardware store carries them in plumbing tools. I got mine locally for $6.50. Yeah, if you carry a set of socket wrenches with you, this is redundant, but the Key is a small, inexpensive, sturdy, convenient hack. I now keep one in every vehicle and one in my bugout bag. It’s the best, inexpensive idea I’ve found in a while, and a cheap Christmas gift for a prepper pal too.

MORAL: You can ALWAYS teach an ‘ol dog new tricks! – J.N.