The Myth of The Gun Show Loophole: The Statist Perversion of Our Language Continues

I’ve mentioned this before in SurvivalBlog, but recent events make this worth repeating: The statist gun grabbers drone on and on about a “gun show loophole” as if it were some ground truth, just like saying a phrase like “humans are mortal.” But just what is this “loophole” they are talking about? It is in fact perfectly legal commerce between private citizens of the same state. This is not a “loophole”. Rather, it is merely the exercise of free trade in used household goods between sovereign citizens within their own states. Gun shows are a time-honored tradition in free exercise of our Second Amendment rights–not some sort of dodgy maneuvering.

The leftist whiners–including President Bolt Hold Open (BHO)– are again begging congress to apply the Interstate Commerce Clause to restrict intrastate sales. That is just plain extra-jurisdictional and hence absolutely unconstitutional. (Does the phrase “No nexus” mean anything to them?) In light of the U.S. v. Lopez decision, there is no way that the Commerce Clause can be contorted to fit their expansive view.

The statist Overlords inside the DC Beltway have become famous for perverting our language. These are the same perverts who have intentionally re-invented words like “grass”, “marriage”, “phobia”, “hate”, “fairness”, and even “poverty” to advance their political agenda.

I’ll end with a quote:

“How strangely will the tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!” – Samuel Adams

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