Two Letters Re: The 9mm Parabellum vs the .40 Smith and Wesson vs the .45 ACP, by B.F.

Good Morning Hugh,

Read with interest the article posted today about handgun calibers. I agree, the topic is beaten to death, and I agree with the author’s conclusion 110%: You should practice, practice, practice and use what works best for you! I found the following website/report to be extremely useful in my own research, and it provided me with the information I needed to choose a carry-ammunition for my family (Federal 124 gr HST 9mm). YMMV, however, the data was presented extremely well and un-biased. Please pass this link along to your readers for them to use as well. I have no interest in the LuckyGunner website; I, just found the report extremely useful for this challenging topic.

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The debate over the effectiveness of cartridges designed to be shot by mortal men in concealable pistols was well addressed here. The subject of knockdown power is mostly misunderstood. You only need high school physics to understand that for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. With that said, if the bullet has the power to “knock down” your assailant, then it would certainly knock you down too. Projectiles need enough velocity to penetrate deep enough to destroy vital tissue and stop the fight. Shooting well is the only way to win a gunfight. I’m an “A” class USPSA competitor, which means I fall into the top 10%, which means I shoot 15,000 to 20,000 rounds a year. Shooting the 30 pound pepper poppers with a major caliber (40 or 45) and watching them slowly keel over just solidifies that a 200-pound assailant isn’t going anywhere. A pistol is only meant for 24/7 personal protection because it’s easy to carry always. A pistol is your last desperate attempt to save yourself. A rifle is what you take to a fight. Pray for peace. Prepare for war. God bless. – Mark