Pat Cascio’s Product Review: Driven From Our Homes (DVD)

There has been a few short mentions on and other websites about the DVD and companion book, Driven From Our Homes that is being sold by Infidel Body Armor. I have been dealing directly with IBA owner, Chad Cooper, since he started the company, and I’ve tested many of his products extensively. To be sure, IBA doesn’t produce any junk! It’s simple as that.

When Chad contacted me about his new DVD and companion book, I couldn’t wait to get it. Before it arrived, Chad was kind enough to give me access to their website so I could watch the DVD and read the book online. The video is outstanding; it’s not some homemade video created with a camcorder. This is Hollywood-type material in the DVD. What we are looking at is some kind of disaster that has taken place. Chad Cooper and some of his friends and family decide to bug out. Throughout the DVD, they stop and explain to the viewer just exactly what they are doing and why. Most of the actors in the DVD are former military or security operators, and they know their stuff. Additionally, the DVD and the book are written from a layman’s view, so you can easily understand what is being done and why. I like that.

As a former combat infantryman myself, and as a certified protection specialist, I found very little to take issue with in the book and the DVD. There is rock-solid information that anyone can use. However, you have to plan ahead of a disaster. If you wait until the last minute to get prepared and bug out, you might have lost your advantage.

Cooper and his bugout crew have a planned destination they are trying to reach after bugging out, and they do encounter some problems along the way, like needing more fuel as well as one of the team members betting wounded. After reaching their destination, there are other considerations they must contend with, like perimeter security, weapons details, and taking on the decision to either aid a nearby town under attack or ignore the pleas for help. You’ll have to get the book and DVD for yourselves to see how it plays out. I’m not giving away the ending, or is it the ending?

I guess I was really impressed with their practical and realistic approach to everything, start to finish in the DVD and book. To be sure, this is just the start. IBA has on their website, where you can join for a monthly fee, and get access to more information and videos down the line, as well as get a discount on all the products IBA sells.

If you’re new to prepping and you’re considering bugging out at some point, this DVD and book are a must read and view. Once again, it’s just good, clean information, and they demonstrate how things are done. To be sure, no plan is perfect, so you have to take things into consideration, like a team member getting wounded and how you react. There are lots of things to consider, and Cooper and his crew did an outstanding job on presenting the information to the reader and viewer. Check it all out at for more information. It is money well spent.