Letter Re: Infant Nutrition


After reading the infant nutrition article and several responses to it, I could not help it but add something to the discussion. Dental caries and especially childhood dental caries is the most widespread disease in United States. The science behind it is that it is a bacterial infection, meaning the cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth. Kids are not born with that bacteria but acquire them during childhood. DNA testing has shown that in 90% of the infection cases, the source is the primary caretaker, mainly the mother. Ways of infection are sharing utensils, kissing on the mouth, and you guessed it, pre-chewing the food. Research has also shown that the later the child acquires that bacteria the less likely he will have cavities for the rest of his life. Now, I understand that in a SHTF scenario, feeding the child will take a precedence above all else. However, we don’t want to discount dental decay in kids. Tooth aches, infection, swelling, inability to eat and even death can result from a simple cavity. Google the name Deamonte Driver for an example of possible consequences. Currently, a dentist is a short drive away. I doubt it will be that easy once normal society breaks down. Antibiotics will slow down the infection but will not cure it until the source of it is gone. This is something for those advocating pre-chewing the food to consider. – BG, Pediatric Dentist