The Survival Mule Secure Locker/Trailer Combo

I’ve been posting SurvivalBlog for more than 10 years. I’ve seen a lot of great products come to market, but very few of them have been truly novel concepts. Most of them are just variations on a theme. But I recently had some conversations with a consulting client that amazed me. This former Marine has truly “built a better mousetrap”. He calls it The Survival Mule. This is a fantastic solution to a common prepper dilemma: “How do I get a trailer load of Get Out of Dodge gear on the road, quickly?” What he came up was a wall storage locker/gun locker that quickly converts into a versatile trailer. These Survival Mules are assembled in Minnesota with primarily U.S. and Canadian components.

These photos tell most of the story.

The Survival Mule can be towed with the weather-tight door on for secure transport; with the lid removed, turning it into a box trailer, for transporting bulky items; or with the entire locker removed and replaced by a standard sheet of 1″ plywood, turning it into a small flatbed trailer. The locker itself can be bolted to a wall or floor, making it a decent gun and ammunition storage locker. And, since it is stored vertically, it is like keeping a pre-packed trailer in your garage and out of the weather but without taking up a garage parking space. That is absolutely brilliant.

I believe that this will be a very popular product, so I recommend placing an order soon, before the company builds up a long waiting list. The first 50 SurvivalBlog readers who order will get a $500 discount. (And, by the way, the referral bonus that would normally go to SurvivalBlog will be donated directly to charity.)

Be sure to visit the web site and check out the technical details, video clips, and all of the options as well as several discounts. I highly recommend this product! – JWR