Economics and Investing:

Preparing For Collapse: Record Eight-Year Silver Buying Intensity Continues o o o Chris Martenson: Buy Gold While You Still Can! — An important update on the supply of physical gold o o o BofA Issues Dramatic Junk Bond Meltdown Warning: This “Train Wreck Is Accelerating” Items from The Economics Team: The Hard Landing Has Arrived: Chinese Coal Company Lays Off 100,000 (Zero Hedge) Wallstreet Braces for Grim 3rd Quarter Earnings Results (Reuters) Clark Howard: Don’t Fall for Scams!

Odds ‘n Sods:

Why I Chose the Self Sufficient Life o o o Everyday Kitchen Chemistry: Understanding Baking Soda and Baking Powder (Articles like this one teach us the mechanics of kitchen chemistry and help us to become more independent and resourceful and prepared.) o o o ISIS Planning ‘Nuclear Tsunami’ o o o The XM42 Flamethrower-What Freedom Looks Like. The flames are projected up to 30 feet. You can buy one direct from the factory, in the powder-coated color of your choice at I suppose that one of these would be great for clearing brush in the springtime or for igniting …