Economics and Investing:

SurvivalBlog reader H.L. sent in this link showing issues with Deutsche Bank: Deutsche Bank Reports Massive Loss, Will Cut 35,000 Jobs, Exit 10 Countries In Sweeping Overhaul

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Gold Analogue: Then and Now

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

The US Spends $35 Billion In Global Economic Aid (But Where Does All This Money Really Go?)

Fed’s Lacker: Here’s Why I Dissented at Last FOMC Vote – So what we really need is to eliminate central planning including the price of money (interest rates); it is laughable that Lacker believes that the U.S. economy is a bed of roses ready for interest rates to ‘normalize’.

US Senate Passes Budget, Debt Limit Bill – As if there was going to be any other outcome; the debt limit is nothing more than a farce, originally enacted just after the Fed came into existence, so that they could monetize debt for WWI (which was against the original charter), and was the proviso so that the government and private central bank didn’t run amuck with debt… So much for that.