Economics and Investing:

SurvivalBlog reader G.P. sent in this link to Town Hall explaining why central banks are accepting the risks of super-low rates.

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Items from the Economics Team:

5 Minimalist Secrets to Saving Money (Simplicity Relished)

China’s Fix for Falling Profits is Only Making Things Worse (Business Insider)

The Data Isn’t Good: U.S. Companies Warn Recession is Coming (Zero Hedge)

The Fed Can’t Raise Rates…But Must Pretend It Will (Mises Institute)

3M Plans to Cut 1,500 Jobs (Bloomberg Business)

Weatherford International Plans 3,000 More Job Cuts by End of 2015 (Fuel Fix)

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Items from Mr. Econocobas:

US New Home Sales Fall Sharply in September (ABC News)

Fed Rate Hike Is a Risk to Stocks and Corporate Bonds, Government Says (Market Watch) – There is so much to say here but have to limit myself. First off, duh, it took a government agency to figure that out? Second, if they did away with any telegraphing of what might happen at this point it may make things a little less volatile, but if they ever raised rates (which is unlikely in my opinion) the preceding crash would be of epic proportions.