Economics and Investing:

This Is How Bad It Is: “The World Must Create 5 Million Jobs a Month Just to Prevent the Situation from Getting Worse” (SHTF Plan) Sent in by B.B.

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Items from The Economics Team:

Signal of Global Trade Collapse Coming From India (Zero Hedge)

The Scoop on When You Can Expect Your Stuff to Break (Frugal Living)

Glencore Watch: Glencore Plans More Debt Cuts (Wall Street Journal)

Bank Securities Analysts Cheating on Tests? It can’t be! (Bloomberg)

Rich Nations Lose Emerging Markets Motor (Wall Street Journal) This is an interesting article (and short read) which should give us all a moment of pause as we consider what will happen both as a consequence of global interconnectedness to people here when EM economies can no longer purchase our comparatively expensive goods, and how the people of EM economies will view us when the U.S. abandons them to preserve the illusion of its own relative affluence.