Letter Re: Sources of Vitamin C in a Post-SHTF World, by Okie Ranch Wife


Regarding R.T. in Georgia’s advice of using sassafras root tea to counter “bad water”, sassafras tea won’t halt a bacterial infection, and it isn’t safe to consume as tea, regardless.

From Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center:

“Because there is no evidence of effectiveness, sassafras should not be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, infections, or any other medical condition.

“Sassafras is classified as a carcinogenic substance. It caused liver cancer in laboratory animals; the risk of developing cancer increases with the amount consumed and duration of consumption.

“Sassafras was once used as flavoring agent in root beer and candies, but the Food and Drug Administration has prohibited the use of sassafras as a food additive due to its carcinogenic effects.”

“Natural” is not a synonym for “safe” or for “healthy”. There are plenty of animals, plants, and mushrooms that can harm or kill. – G.G.