Letter: Who Runs the Political Process?

Good Morning Hugh,

The world is filled with interesting news today. It’s interesting because even The New York Times– one of the mouthpieces of the establishment– is pointing out the fallacy of our “democracy”, by the fact that almost half the presidential campaign money comes from only 158 families. Here is a quote from the article:

“The pluralist stance of American politics contends that true power in the United States has been constitutionally vested in “the people” through mechanisms like the electoral process, freedom of speech, and the ability to establish political parties. The traditional view is that these aspects of our political system result in a broad distribution of power that prevents any one faction from gaining an inordinate amount of influence. And today the New York Times has revealed the shortcomings of this narrative by publishing the names of the 158 wealthy families that have donated almost half of the money spent towards the 2016 presidential race. This group of donors is primarily Republican and is dominated by interests in the banking industry. These facts lend credence to the idea that national policy making is influenced heavily by a relatively small group of people. That the American body politic is largely controlled by a deep state.”

Note the reference to the Deep State. That is a concept typically reserved for tin foil hat-wearing survivalist blogs frequented by folks like us!

Interestingly, I found this on a science-news site (Slashdot.org), which typically eschews political discussions. In the past year or so I’ve noticed a few articles creeping into their feed, and when reading the comments (which are usually very articulate and intelligently thought out) I do see an undercurrent of awareness among this group (they are not sheeple, but I wouldn’t say they are awake, just yet, but they are aware).

I also stumbled on an article about custom bunkers for billionaires, though not quite as interesting and a bit sensationalized; it’s pertinent nonetheless. Again, I’m struck by the topics being thrown about in such a casual manner, as not too long ago they would only be discussed in certain circles and in hushed tones.

Thanks for your hard work and efforts. Keep fighting the good fight! – K.M.