Letter Re: Light Tactical Trailer– The M1102


D.A. is correct in that the HMMWV trailers are awesome. However, to clarify, DOD is selling off all the M1101 trailers, which were purchased beginning in the mid 90s for use with the M998 series HMMWV. When the addition of armor and additional load capacity required modification to create the Heavy HMMWV, DOD also created the M1102 trailer. The only difference between the M1101 and the M1102 is the data plate (which allows and additional 800lb of payload). No, I can’t explain why DOD couldn’t buy new data plates rather than new trailers.

For info on the trailers see this site.

The relevance? If you go looking for a M1102, you won’t find many since the DOD is still buying them, but there are many M1101 available. It’s EXACTLY the same trailer, and they are great. Most are new or near new. Few have bows/canvas tops.

You can buy DOD surplus direct at auction from the DOD contractor www.govliquidation.com (who recently lost the contract). The new auction contractor is at www.govplanet.com, who just started last week. Govplanet.com is to auction all rolling stock (wheels or tracks). Everything else will still be govliquidation.com. Read the terms and conditions closely. The purchase price is bid + the auction surcharge.

Other great deals at present are hundreds of M923 series 5t 6×6 trucks. There are great units selling in for under $5000. They’re diesel, automatic with air brakes, but you must have Class B CDL. There are indications that early HMMWV are going FINALLY to be auctioned off (vs scrapped). Transfers to Fire Dept (with title) just began. There are hundreds of M998 (early HMMWV) presently listed at the DOD/GSA surplus site. In the next few weeks they will start to show up at govplanet.com, if they will actually be auctioned to the public.

For general advice/assistance on repairing/operating DOD surplus vehicles, a great collector/enthusiast site is at: www.steelsoldiers.com