Letter Re: The Value of Human Relationships in a Grid-Down or Survival Event, by J.C.

I have to disagree with the article “The Value of Human Relationships in a Grid-Down or Survival Event.” In this article, what J.C. is describing is nothing more than Crony Capitalism, which is what happens when those connected or who are friends or relatives of the “rulers” get favors that others in society don’t receive. It’s happening now at all levels of government, and it’s one of the main things wrong with society today. Those in government are supposed to treat everyone fairly and equally. Just because you’re friends with someone or related to someone in government, doesn’t give you the right to receive favors.

Instead of government, how about using your church, neighbors, and friends? – VCM

HJL Responds: Perhaps one of the issues in writing about this is the language we use. If we called it “networking”, it might be more palatable to everyone. It isn’t hard to grasp the concept of a networking relationship, as very few people have ever made something of themselves solely on their own. Whether it is in government, church, or your local community center, the concept of knowing someone and having a favorable relationship with them is always a good thing. Some may look at it from the perspective of “what’s in it for me”, and some may see it as a “good ol’ boy club”, but if the relationship is two-way (meaning you give as well as receive) and it stays within the biblical ethical framework, it is a good thing. It is really only when it becomes selfish and crosses the moral boundaries that it is wrong.