Notes for Monday – November 24, 2014

JWR’s License Plate Collection

I have started collecting license plates from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. My goal is to collect pairs of modern (recent issue) plates from all 50 states (or single plates from “one plate states like Florida and New Mexico.) I’m also interested in getting unusual plates, such as trailer plates, “Permanent” plates, and truck plates. And I also collect novelty front license plates that show state flags, branches of military service, and so forth.

For your privacy and mine, please DO NOT send me any e-mail mentioning particular plate numbers. Also, put my address in both the “To” and “From” address blocks on the package. (Since Uncle Sam now scans and archives the exterior of all mailed envelopes.)

If you have any plates that you can spare, just throw them in a flat rate box or a padded envelope, and mail them to:

Jim & Family
P.O. Box 303
Moyie Springs, Idaho 83845

Many Thanks! – JWR