Two Letters Re: Your Friends


Take 25 minutes and watch the old Twilight Zone episode called “The Shelter”. It is a great example of the behavior described by DD in his/her article. – P.S.

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This is an excellent insight into the mentality of the sheeple, but I did find some flaws about the tactics of those who would lay siege to a well-stocked house or retreat. How would these besiegers maintain a siege very long without starving, or in winter without freezing? I don’t think such predators could afford to play a long game like that, nor disable equipment or kill livestock that they would need to benefit themselves. – R.S.

Hugh Replies: While I can agree with your statement in theory, much of the attitude I see now is: “If I can’t have it, neither can you!” It may be difficult to lay siege to a place to take its resources in whole, but a scorched earth policy is much easier to implement. In any case, OPSEC is still the name of the game.